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Mostly for startup management and for ending rogue tasks.

Thank you!


Thanks, I now just think over what functions to add in future Chameleon Task Manager
If there are wishes I will be grateful

I own Chameleon but the thing I did not like about and it has hopefully changed is that it didn't realize a new program has been added until restart of the OS. If this has changed please let me know because I wouldn't want to misinform anyone.
Hi, Trilinea
In the new version monitoring is carried out in real time
It is possible to set up on automatic disable of new programs.
Or automatically to disable programs which constantly add itself in startup.
Also it is possible to forbid changes of options, i.e. the program will return parametres at any changes
At addition detection (or removals) the program will blink in system tray.

Trilinea, J-Mac:
You most of all use what functions in Anvir Task Manager?

Best regards,

Excellent, evgeni! As you may suspect from my lack of emails, I didn't really find more problems to report after the initial correspondence ;)

I am glad!

In last version I have corrected some small errors and have added "Check for updates" in menu, as asked J-Mac.

I announced Chameleon Startup Manager version 3 in this thread

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