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yes, if the program is already installed, SB will bring the .ini files or registry entries of the installed program back into the sandbox.

If you don't want SB to do that, you can turn it off.

See here how to do block the path to the .ini file or registry settings:

Hope this helps. :)

Sandboxie is a great program and very light on resources. I love it and I really hope that going open source will be successful for Sandboxie.

Nod5 -
It may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I usually scan to pdf, and I keep the original page as a graphic layer, and the OCR as an invisible layer below the grapic.

Then I can highlight the original text, but when I copy (Ctrl-C) get the underlying OCRed text.

This workflow also cuts down on searching for OCR mistakes, since they become less important, since I ever usually need only a very small portion of the text of the whole document. It just makes the whole thing much quicker.


ABBYY Finereader version 15 has just been released.

See enclosed pdf for ABBYY Finereader 14 and 15 feature comparison.

@VideoProc Support

Why did you quote Deozaan's post without adding any comment?

Did something got lost?

Hahaha this is how great Donationcoder is! You get help from all sides!

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