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Hi Target,
I know this is hardly a Quick Reply, but that's the whole point of it - I just wanted to say I've been using SoundsLake at least once every day for over two years now (it feels like much longer, for some reason) and I'm still just as enthusiastic as ever. Especially as I've at last discovered how to avoid having to give permission every time. (Why Windows won't let you have a whitelist for programs it doesn't recognize but which you do is beyond me.)
So Thanks Again!
PS Don't forget, if you've got nothing else to do, an equivalent program for screen brightness using f5 and f6 would be very welcome!
PPS I upgraded to W10 just before the free upgrade offer ran out.

Target - (morning!) have no fear, I have been well looked after and have been using the program with great satisfaction despite the minor blemish as reported. My main reason for wanting it is that I am constantly allowing myself to be distracted from my work and then I want to push the volume up for e.g. newscasts or YouTube clips, then dropping back down so that the various beeps, clicks, bells and whistles that alert me to emails from particular individuals or groups don't drive me mad. (There are those who would say it is too late for me to do anything about that particular risk...).
I shall now download what is presumably a - what shall we say, refined and polished? - new version.
One question (not in any way a criticism!): What made you put the Low setting at the top and the High at the bottom? (Yes, I do realize that once you've chosen the place for one, the place for the other becomes an automatic 'choice'... :) )
At some stage I'll look into writing stuff, perhaps. I was interested to see the program can compile AutoIt scripts. (How odd that the spelling checker thinks 'was' in the previous sentence is misspelt.) I use one or two AutoIt scripts that I wrote myself some years ago now.
Cheers all,

tomos - Many Thanks! How useful it is that DC members are scattered all over the planet! One may be enjoying a well-earned night's rest, but there'll still be another one along soon.

Now to refresh my memory about how to put it in the startup list...



Um, thanks very much Target. I have a slight problem, however: when I try to run the exe I get an error message saying 'Can't load icon'. Line 014.

Otherwise  :) it sounds exactly what I need! I assume down there in Brisbane you're tucked up in bed as I write this (though probably not tucked up, come to think of it, unless your air con is doing overtime). But when you have another moment...


My Win8.1 netbook uses the function key together with f11 and f12 to push sound volume down or up respectively. This is all very well, but it's a bit of a pain in the neck as I have to reduce and subsequently increase volume quite often. I'd like a small utility that would let me first set my own low and high volume levels and then switch instantly between them, still (if possible) using function-f11 and function-12.

PS I have spent some time searching but have found nothing like this so far. Apologies if I have missed something.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Clipboard Help+Spell Screencasts
« on: May 05, 2011, 03:03 PM »
I've watched the whole of the first film and most of the second, but one thing is still not clear: is there some way of quickly pasting first a clip and then the URL it was clipped from? Give me that, and I may defect from ClipMate!

Also: you've misspelled override ("Here you can overide the default directory...").


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