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Living Room / Teflon pressing sheet as mouse pad
« on: August 02, 2011, 06:54 PM »
Thought I'd pass this along to anyone wanting a extra large mouse pad cheap.

I had been using a 14" x 10" Razer Goliathus mouse pad with a logitech mx518 mouse.

The width was fine but 10" just wasn't quite tall enough and I found myself sliding off the bottom.

I also have just recently upgraded from a Wacom Graphire 3 small tablet to an Intous 4 small tablet which I have mounted on a custom built fold away stand, which covers the mouse pad when folded down.

Thought about buying a larger gaming pad, but prices are just too expensive and one day while talking with my mother (who's a quilter) she suggested I try one of her teflon pressing sheets.

This thing is 18" x 20" and my mouse just glides along just as smooth as can be, plus when I've got my Intous folded down there's still plenty of room to move my mouse.

Got it mounted to my desk with binder clips (though you could use tape or whatever to lock it down).

You can find these sheets as small as 16" x 16" for under $10 online or check out a local quilt shop.

Living Room / Re: Is Antenna Climbing the Scariest Job Ever?
« on: September 16, 2010, 10:04 PM »
Now that brought back some memories.... I was and still am afraid of heights (it could take me up ten minutes to get myself psyched up), but once up there and working you couldn't beat the view.

You are CRAZY man!!

I prefer the term "Functionally Non-sane" :P

Living Room / Re: Is Antenna Climbing the Scariest Job Ever?
« on: September 16, 2010, 05:37 AM »
Now that brought back some memories :'(

Built & worked on towers for 16yrs (2nd Generation, Dad did it for close to 40yrs). Granted we mostly worked on Cellular Towers, but I've been to the top (and all points in between) of the old Ch6 tower in Homestead, FL (blown down by Andrew).

My personal best: 7 towers in one day for a total of 1,353ft (antenna testing for AT&T).

And tomos I was and still am afraid of heights (it could take me up ten minutes to get myself psyched up), but once up there and working you couldn't beat the view.

Living Room / Re: Will you miss newspapers when they're gone?
« on: March 05, 2010, 02:26 PM »
I gave up on newspapers back in 97.

The first job I had after getting out of the service was in the research dept. of a "for sale by owner" multiple listing service.

Each week we'd go through the classified sections of 150 newspapers, looking for certain high value items (homes, cars, horses, etc.), which the sales staff would call to get them to use the service.

At the end of each day I'd have newsprint from elbow to fingertips and I couldn't tell you how many shirts ruined. After that I'll rarely even glance at a newspaper let alone actually pick one up.

I'm fully aware that this will be a clean install and will have to reinstall my software, that's just time spent and no big deal.

As for program settings, that's one reason why I'm converting my hardrives to VHDs on network storage and will be able to access their contents at will to retrieve anything I'll need.

As far as any system settings, new system - new settings, that way I won't be bringing over any wonky settings from XP (I do so love to tweak & fiddle :P)

Personal files and documents? Those I already keep on network storage.

Well I'm biting the bullet and making the upgrade from XP Home 32bit to Win 7 64bit. Ordered the upgrade this week and will get it next week.

I had been running the RC for months with no major problems but switched back to XP due to needing to use a program for work that wouldn't run on the RC.

That being said, I'm now in the process of my preupgrade prep-work -
  Downloading drivers, critical programs, etc.and burning them to disk)
  Cleaning out all unneeded junk files
  Backing up files

One thing I'll do just before the upgrade is to use Sysinternals' Disk2vhd to make VHDs of my existing XP harddrives and putting them on my network storage. That way, after the upgrade, not only can I mount the VHDs in Win 7 so I can have access to all my old files (in case I miss anything) but also using either Virtual PC or Virtualbox I can use the VHDs to run my old XP setup as a virtual machine (with a little luck and tweaking) :D

Well I've had a month to play around with both kwacky1's and skrommel's scripts. Went ahead, combined them, converted to an exe and placed a link in my startup folder.

I also remapped the 'document flip' button on my new logitech M518 gaming mouse to F1 (very handy, even though ability to change the mouse's resolution  on the fly is also nice). Combined with the 10 x 14 inch Razer Goliathus Gaming Mouse Mat, I can get to any point on both monitors with little effort.

Also works on the Windows 7 beta, but at times it will get lost when the OS is chugging away extra heavily.

As a bonus. I can left or right click on a icon on one monitor and while holding the button down press a hotkey and have it instantly on the other monitor.

So again I'd like to say thanks to both kwacky1 and skrommel for their effort. I'm extremely happy :Thmbsup:

For those interested here's a list of windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

Well I tried it out this weekend using VirtualBox. Other than a problem with 'network connection' (fixed by changing the adapter setting) and not having full access to my graphic card, it ran fairly well if a little sluggishly.  Had RAM set at 800MB.

But today I bit the bullet and decided to set a dual boot with XP and Windows 7 (don't have and don't want Vista) . Used gparted to create a new 30GB partition on my secondary drive. Burned the Windows 7 ISO to a DVD using Imgburn and did a clean install.

Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 420 @ 1.60GHz
Memory (RAM) 2.00 GB
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB

Install and updates took around half an hour. Have just finished the Driver installs for all my peripherals:
  Logitech M518 Optical Gaming mouse (with uberOptions for SetPoint)
  Wacom Graphire 3 tablet
  Nostromo n52

All installed no problems. Am writing this post from W7 using Firefox 3. Will be spending the rest of the evening playing around and installing a few more essential apps. But so far I'm pleasantly surprised.

Add my vote for a dedicated W7 user experience thread.

It's definitely been a major go to site for me. I'll still periodically go there and spend a spare half-hour or more just to browse and I always find something new.

It's sister site Daily Rotation is my homepage for RSS feeds.

Living Room / Re: Ecofont - a free font that saves ink
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:25 PM »
Well the font worked out fantastic :Thmbsup: Even with setting Inksaver at 35% savings, the labels printed out extremely legible. Even though at the larger font sizes I use (18pt for address' & Food amounts, 28pt for client's name & Route designation) the "holes" are visible they don't detract from the aesthetics in my opinion. On the driver's "clients lists" I use 8pt and it looks just fine.

Will definitely be using this font from now on.

As a side note the "Pet Meals for Home Bound Seniors Program" of Citrus County in 2008 serviced  664 clients, 778 dogs, 653 cats. Packed & distributed 6.75 tons of dog, cat food (dry & canned) & cat litter. And I lifted every one of those pounds more than once!!

Here's a link to a local news story that just recently aired:

Bay News 9

Living Room / Re: Ecofont - a free font that saves ink
« on: December 24, 2008, 07:16 AM »
I had read about this font last week. Will be giving it a test run today as a matter of fact.

I'm the lead volunteer for our counties Community Support Services, Pet Meals for Homebound Seniors program and twice a month I need to print out packing lists for the drivers and labels for the client's meal deliveries, with the next packing day scheduled for Friday the day after Christmas.

Something like this font, that supposedly saves up to 20% of ink, sounds like just the thing to use. Will report back Friday after packing.

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Lacuna Launcher
« on: December 22, 2008, 02:37 PM »
Just to let you know that lacuna launcher is being mentioned today over at

I'd also like to replace my CPU (1.6GHz Celeron), just isn't happening right now.

On the brighter side got a $50 bonus from a local quilt shop I do graphic for. So I got a Logitech MX518 from Newegg and with the rest it's off to homedepot to pick some wood to make a custom Keyboard Tray.

Developer's Corner / Re: Can someone make an icon for me?
« on: December 20, 2008, 03:41 PM »
Hey frew, you'll find attached my quick effort. There's a 48px icon and two png's 1@48px & 1@128px.

kwacky1 ran your modified script under the same conditions as skrommel's and I'm glad to report: working great.

The only external difference between the two scripts that I can see is visual:

  With yours, the cursor vanishes from one screen and appears centered on the other screen.
  With skrommel's, the cursor appears slightly off center then glides to a stop.

And if I combine the two scripts I get the best of both worlds :-* So no matter which hand is free I can comfortably get the cursor to the needed screen.

Nod5 would have re-tried yours but didn't know where to insert the missing piece of code.

So from me to all three of you a heartfelt Thank You for a fantastic effort.

Well ran the script, then opened each of the problem programs one at a time and then all of them at once. Lo and behold, not a single hiccup. Way to go skrommel

Nice script Nod5, but it has the almost the exact same quirks as I posted above for kwacky1's.

Okay, had a chance to play around a little this morning. It's not quite ready for prime time yet.

Seeing some behavior variations with certain programs.

Here's a breakdown of the programs I've run across so far:
  Spider media player
  AIMP2 media player
  IrFan View
  PDF X-change
  Adobe Reader
  Win32Pad (maximized and windowed)

Cursor jumps to left edge of monitor #2.

  Splash Screens
  Dialouge Boxes
  VLC Media Player (windowed)
  Media Player Classic (windowed)

Cursor jumps down and to the left varied distances.

  Win32Pad (minimised)
Cursor jumps to bottom left corner of monitor #2.

That's what I've found so far. As I use these programs all the time, looks like I'll hold off on adding this to the startup for the time being.

Looks like that nailed it. Working great :Thmbsup:

Many thanks.

Now to add it to my startup folder. This will definitely save quite a few minutes and rolls of the thumb a day.

Using XP SP3.

Here's the log file. Looked at the log myself, you're right the script only sees 1 monitor.

Maybe a little more info on my system would help.

Graphic Card: MSI NX8400GS TD512E with Nvidia GeForce 178.24 dirvers. Running in 'Dual View' mode.

Also ran Autohotkeys  'AutoIt3 Window Spy' and going by the 'on screen' mouse position read out, it just sees both monitors as 1 big screen (2560 x 1024).

It'd be simpler if the mouse position could be expressed by a percentage of the screen real estate.

Still not working when trying to jump from monitor #1 to Monitor #2.

Now no matter where the cursor is on ether monitor it jumps to centered on monitor #1.

If it make things easier we could try using two hotkeys, say 'scroll lock' to jump to Monitor #1 and 'pause|break' to jump to monitor #2.

Still a great effort, thanks.

Thanks 'kwacky1'.

Just took it for a test run.

Works fine when going from the right hand screen (monitor #2) to the left hand screen (monitor #1), cursor jumps centered top to bottom & at about ¼ of the way from the left edge of monitor #1.

Trying to jump the cursor from monitor #1 to monitor #2 (left to right), this is what happens;
1. if the cursor is in the left half of monitor #1, then the cursor jumps to about ¾ position on monitor #1.
2. If the cursor is in the right half of monitor #1, then the cursor jumps back to the ¼ position on monitor #1.

If you need more info on my system specs just ask and again thanks for work.

I'd tried with ballistic settings at max, still takes 3 rolls to cross. Also that setting is just to touchy for normal use.

I also thought I'd run across just such a utility myself. But hours of search results dealing with "mouse cursor jumping errors", I'd decided to post here where the "Zen Mac Daddies of Coding" hang.

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