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I'm afraid it's not possible, can't intercept left button double click.

Based on the performance information submitted I did stick to explorer (or the file queue in wincommander) at first for small files, but they do get hung up if any question turns up. Which is annoying when trying to move lots of files over 1 day...

Yes, TeraCopy currently is optimized for transferring large files, either between disks on the same HDD (using large buffer) or on the different physical HDDs (using asynchronous read/writes). But these routines is useless when copying small files. I'll make a separate routine to handle small files in the future versions.

Spent about a hour trying to reproduce situation when Audio Sliders interferes with full screen games with no luck. If anybody discovers this behavior, please let me know and test also v4.21 at http://www.codesecto...iles/asliders421.exe (just removed some code related to this problem).

Holy crap, you're alive. Why don't you fix Audio Sliders and Direct Folders while you're at it?

BTW, your "technical support" is a joke.

Direct Folders:

Open file C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Application Data\Direct Folders\Options.ini and edit last 2 lines:

LauncherFile=explorer /select,

I've just encountered what might be a pretty serious bug in Teracopy.
I was updating some CD writing related utilities (cdspeed.exe, drivespeed.exe, infotool.exe) and downloaded and unzipped the latest versions on my desktop. I then dropped cdspeed.exe to the folder where the original was located. Instead of giving me an overwrite warning, Teracopy just popped up the copy box and closed it - it didn't overwrite the file, it basically didn't do anything. I know for certain the utility wasn't locked by any other process. After fiddling around a bit it seems to me that Teracopy will not do anything if the exe file being overwritten is different. If it is identical to the file trying to overwrite it, it works normally & pops up the overwrite warning. I'm not sure if this'll be replicated on other systems but it seems likely.

Not sure how did you get this result, perhaps file was locked. Version 1.2 detects locked files well and even allows you to view locking process.

In any case, if this is serious bug, you should send message to the technical support first. I can fix TeraCopy errors, not people on the forum. If bug is really serious, I'll fix it and upload new version on the website right after I read about this bug.

Thanks to LifeHacker and other sites, more then 30 000 people downloaded TeraCopy by now, and no serious bugs was reported. A lot of changes was made in versions 1.1 & 1.2, based on user support tickets, including Unicode support.

Web:  ICQ: 6848780

Installed and running = installed  :-[ Just me being careless with my choice of words. I don't know what was causing this. Essentially, after a reboot (first since installing teracopy yesterday) this morning my computer was sluggish right off the bat and DOpus was frozen - I had to kill dopus.exe via TM (and noted at that time the CPU problem reported above). I'd been noticing explorer.exe and its RAM over the last 24 hours or so - 43MB VM is normal but RAM is usually well below 20MB and often below 15. Anyway, after killing DOPus' lister this morning the only thing I could think of that I've changed over the last 24 hours was teracopy, so I uninstalled it and immediately noted that explorer.exe fell to 13MB and when I restarted DOPus.exe it started at 0% CPU and 30MB VM and has stayed there (even after opening a lister) - entirely normal on my machine.

TeraCopy activated only when a copy/move operation is started, so it doesn't make any impact on your system if you just installed it.

General Software Discussion / Re: Volume Control recommendation
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:23 PM »
You can check Audio Sliders as well.

Best Dialog Extender / Re: FileBox Extender 1.91.02 - Now FREE!
« on: October 09, 2006, 02:26 AM »
Thus far, I really don't care for DF - I'm unable to find any keyboard friendliness at all -- the one simplistic, mouse-required menu isn't really exciting me :)

This menu can be activated with a hot-key (Win+Z by default). Just let me know if you need keyboard shortcuts to other functions.

Update at November 1: implemented another hot-key (Win+W) to the Recent items menu.

By the way, latest version is works on Vista ;)

-- - added Direct Folders demo in Flash recently.

General Software Discussion / Re: Sweet! Direct Folders 3.0 released :)
« on: September 28, 2006, 09:34 AM »
After a great deal of development work we have sadly concluded that it is not practical to adapt FileBox eXtender to work under Window Vista – the architecture is simply too different.

Not sure about much different architecture - I've implemented support for Vista today in a few hours :)

If you have Windows Vista, please test Direct Folders 3.12 Also added support for MS Office 97 and 2007 beta 2.

General Software Discussion / Re: Sweet! Direct Folders 3.0 released :)
« on: September 23, 2006, 04:22 AM »
Direct Folders comes up with hieraglyphics for some folder names. Should I expect it to work with Office '97? 

Please email me more details about this problem. I'll test DF with MS Office 97 and 2007 beta 2 today.

JetStart starts but won't stay running???

I've answered to your post on Code Sector forum, you'll find there a link to the debug version. Just send me the generated log.

Best regards, Jeff

You might want also to try JetStart to find a faster way of launching Start Menu programs.

You may also try JetStart In the recent version was added ability to reorder taskbar buttons with simple drag and drop.

Also I have 3 buttons on my multimedia keyboard that don't work I tried looking on this site to see if there is some information but had no luck the keys are suspend, microsoft word button, and excel. Is there a way to map these somehow?

These keys needs to be remapped with a special software, like JetStart Pro, again from Or search for the other remapping programs.

I know that there are programs that display volume up or down on screen but I am looking for one that would display the volume going up or down in green color with bars. Just free floating on the screen not in a box or background that also maybe could be user adjustable for the width and height , it kinda would look like this .....

Vol +  l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Audio Sliders ( can do exactly what you say, see screenshot: http://www.codesecto.../screenshots/osd.gif

You just need to check option "Popup when volume changes" in the OSD settings.

Take a look at Audio Sliders (, it can change default playback and recording devices with single click on its tray icon.

Best Dialog Extender / Thanks for review!
« on: November 28, 2005, 07:05 PM »
Hello all,

I'm Jeff from Code Sector Software which developed Direct Folders.

Many thanks to donationcoder for the review, people should know about this kind of software! We offer a special discount for users, more details a little later.

If you have some wishes or suggestions, just let me know.

Best regards, Jeff

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