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Did a bit of Googling and this seems to be "a known thing". It goes as follows:-
The free version crashes if you open any non-RAW file (JPG, TIF etc) (if your's doesn't then you are a lucky person).
Thus "Quick Edit Mode" is a non-runner.
If you open a RAW file (I used Panasonic RW2 but it works for any RAW image I think) then you default to "Pro Quick Edit Mode" - which is stable.
From "Pro Quick Edit Mode" you can then open JPG, TIF whatever and it works - bizarre or what!
There is no known way of starting in a defined mode (to shortcut this faffing about - if there are any command line switches I'd like to know) and no way of switching modes once you reach the "Pro Quick Edit Mode" by this route.
Looks like I am now a Professional by default.
For freeware it's good enough but you would not want to pay for it - I am not exactly relying on this to make a living - it is fun only.
I think the bottom line is that this is "amateur/hobby level" software and if you commit to it more than that on the basis of any future development you are at risk down the road.
I have a secure use of it in "Pro Quick Edit Mode" - all I need.
On the subject of clean installs - I think you make a valid point. If you have a clean Windows system and install the free version I suspect you are fine but like most people I tried to install the activated version first - that fails to activate (no server available anymore). I don't know how the activation worked but possibly a hidden encrypted file is placed somewhere and that this file is not removed by the uninstall (which I have tried). Maybe the free version does not like finding this? I have a couple of machines that have never seen any version of Sagelight - I may try the free version on one of these to see what happens - but I have spent far too long on this already!

Occasional user of Sagelight - have a legitimate version of v4.4 - needed to reinstall - won't register (probably not surprising as it's now free). So I downloaded the free version - and it simply shuts down after opening an image - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 20H2 - tried compatibility modes when installing and when running exe - simply won't run. Tried to make a donation - refused. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to make my paid version run past the trial period? Anyone have any suggestions about making the free version run? Anyone successfully donated? I am about to give up on it - which would be a shame.

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