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In my opinion, is the mother of all software download websites. It’s the oldest of its type and was established about 14 years ago. The site is owned by CNet, one of the biggest names in Technology. There's an app on Apknite has a similar name but I don't know if it belongs to them or not. 

I have been using Acme for a while without using any scripts to help my workflow. I'm trying to incorporate a script that simply indents a selection of lines. I do not know why, but none of the scripts are working. I've tried several that I found on github or inside some apps on apknite including the relatively common a+ and a- scripts. I added them to a folder in my path, trying both rc and bash, chmod +x'ed them, and they do not work. The script below echos out properly in the +ERROR window, removes a line with the selected text yet does not replace and indent it. Have I missed a setup step somewhere? Any help you could provide would be great.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


echo "WinId is: " $winid

echo -n "1,$" | 9p write acme/$winid/addr

echo "Selected whole contents for overwriting with 'write'"

9p read acme/$winid/body | indent -st | 9p write acme/$winid/data

I know F.lux thanks to Techgara and it is quite fortunate to see someone mentioning it here. Btw, does anyone know how to change the time of when F.lux switches between daytime and nighttime mode? I search on that site but no anser. Thanks!

Is there a way to delete duplicate files but have different names?

AllDup ( and Duplicate File Finder ( were both mentioned.
Thanks for your response, sir!

I tried searching on laptopmag and techgara how to use ccleaner to delete duplicate files but this way can only delete files with the same name.
Is there a way to delete duplicate files but have different names?

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