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  • Saturday November 28, 2020, 2:50 am
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Maybe with an entry at the bottom for "show all"..
The thing is that as per '1d' there could coexist in the Panel pics from many folders, compounding the bloat... This 'mode' is not mean to load all pics from folders but only what one purposedly opens or take a screenshot, until closed/saved/deleted.
Hmmm... SC already automatically adds a number to filenames if needed to keep them from overwriting an existing file..

When searching for a %lastfilename% I got something like from '***001' then '***001 002' and then '***001 002 002' (it didn' recognized the # but keep adding 002 at the end), in other case it added 'ver' (wich I don't want) something like '***ver 002', I try to get short tidy names like cat015, cat016...

Added 1d and 1e. Sorry it's more like 2+++ suggestions...

Hi everyone, I'm checking SC and all is very good, I have 2+ feature requests:

1. As seen in other posts, slowdowns occur if there are too many pics in the screenshots folder (I don't want to move pics to subfolders etc. Besides if choosing 'thumbnail' option I don't want the generation of too many thumbnails anyway), so it would be great to have the option: 'Screenshot Panel only for recent captures'
1b. and to have the recent ones not saved to file yet, just as provisional* files in RAM so one can click between recent ones to merge copy/paste between them, and then save only the desired one/s. One would have  right click options for these provisional items on the left SShot panel, like delete/close , copy, etc.
1c. to have tabs on the main view right panel for these provisional items on Screenshot Panel (this is somewhat redundant to just clicking items on the left, but one can close some tabs without closing the left pane item, the remaining tabs woud be eg more used)
1d. in this mode, besides provisional screenshots, on the Screenshot Panel would  appear pics "Open File"d -maybe from different folders- without loading all the pics of each pic folder.) (Maybe in the Panel there could be collapsed "Open Folder"s with just their icons and a '+' sign to expand them.)
1e. The Tabs could be made appear side-by-side/in mosaic for watching them all at once.

2. To have an option: %lastfilename% , so eg. if I save a 'cat001" , the next one offered in 'Save copy of image As' woud be 'cat002' and so on, if I get offered then 'cat003' and I decide to write 'tree001', the next offered one would be 'tree002'... (also if there's already a 'bird009' in the folder, and I click (or hover to highlight) on it, I wouldn't get the 'file already exist, do you want to replace it' popup, but get offered 'bird010'.
2b. the %lastfilename% used (and the  last save folder regardless if it's not the regular one for Screenshots) would be remembered after closing the app/restarting windows.

Thank you very much.

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