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  • Friday January 21, 2022, 8:07 pm
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I've updated the driver and no difference.
But in any case, if I disconnect the second monitor ScreenShot Captor works on my laptop screen as expected, including the red box mode. it's only when I've got the second monitor that it will only work on the second monitor or not at all in Red Box mode.

Here is a strange thing :huh:-
I changed the layout of my monitors so the second screen is on the right then screenshot captor worked correctly across both screens if I do not have red box mode.
If I use Red Box mode then it worked only my laptop screen and I could drag the red box around the screen. If I dragged onto the second monitor the mouse cursor moved but the red box disappeared and if I move the cursor back to my laptop monitor the red box is there again.
I put the monitor layout back to having the second monitor on the left and now non red box mode works on both screens  :o but red box mode still only works on the laptop screen.

At the moment I'm quite happy that I can now capture anywhere on 2 screens and I have no idea what has made it work apart from changing screen layouts.

When I enable the Red Box mode a red rectangle does appear for about 1 second and then the program is locked and I have to kill it. If I disable Red Box mode then Shift Prsc allows me to capture on the second monitor only. So the Shift Prsc key combination is being detected by Screenshot Captor.

I chose the red box capture mode, objects and regions. I clicked apply and closed the dialogue.
Then I pressed Shift PrSc while the mouse cursor was in my laptop screen. A red box appeared briefly on the laptop screen then disappeared and I couldn't see how to make a screen capture. I moved the mouse cursor onto the second monitor but nothing appeared there either. When this situation occurs if I right click over the screenshot captor icon in the system tray (icon showed a red screen) I have one menu option "Cancel Operation (screenshot Captor)" but clicking this does nothing. I have to use task manager to close Screenshot Captor.
I have now set red box mode to "use never" so at least I can capture on one screen.

I use Teamviewer so if that is an option for you I am happy for you to investigate this yourself if it would be any help.

OK. I'm away for a couple of days. I will try when I get back.

The problem with screencaptor using a second monitor continues.
The problems seems fairly serious to me.
If I have the mouse cursor on my laptop screen and press Shift PrtSc then for a brief time I see the cross hairs and little grid panel of pixels on the laptop screen and then it disappears although the cross hairs show on the second monitor.
The second monitor is showing a screen capture of the whole screen for me to select an area, but on the laptop screen I can now move the cursor onto it and it is showing applications which I can interact with, and if I put the mouse cursor back onto the second monitor it is still just a screen shot. But now, pressing Esc doesn't get me out of the situation but clicking twice ends the screen capture with an error message because there is no region to copy.
Can anyone suggest what information I can give or tests I can make to be able to provide information on how to fix this problem or to enable someone to provide a fix?
Or, looking at it another way, do people normally find that using a second monitor does not cause a problem?

I have the problem again with rectangular capture only working on the attached monitor. If I move the cursor onto my laptop screen the dotted cross wires do not follow it.
Before I try anything to make it work again, if anyone replies soon enough, is there something I could do to find out what causes the problem?


Sometimes when I have hidden the window and want a screen shot then the main window appears as soon as I press Shift PrScr so I can't make the screen shot. But then I can't close the main window. The minimize and close icons do nothing and the tray menu option to hide the main window does nothing. I have to exit the program and start it again and then it works fine for a while.

I think if I do the following I can always get the window to lock, at least for me.

Start SC. Show the main window. Press Shift PrScr and the main window stays in position. (I'm not sure if it should do that but i don't see why not.) press Esc a couple of times to stop the screen capture. The window is now locked and cant be minimized or hidden.

I don't know because when the problem has gone each time so far I hadn't restarted SC. I'll report if it happens again.

When I choose Shift PrtSc I see dotted crossed lines in my second monitor with a cross shaped cursor at the intersection. There is a grid of squares showing the magnified view of the region under the cursor.  The horizontal dotted line does not extend to the main monitor and I cannot move the mouse cursor outside of the second monitor, or at least it appears to move out of the second monitor but it doesn#'t appear on the main one.

This happened yesterday but when I moved a window to the second screen to capture it there the problem disappeared, so I decided to ignore it and thought it was probably something daft I'd done anyway.

Today it has happened again but I couldn't find a way to stop it so I posted the problem. Then, when I came to reply to your question asking for more details, it was working but I don't know what made the difference.

BTW I was unable to close the main ScreenCaptor window with the top right close icon or by using the tray menu 'Hide main window'. The File|Exit works though that is not the same as hiding the window. I started the program again and I could hide the main window fine.

Maybe best to assume it's something to do with my PC at the moment. I did have quite a few apps running and if I can't give details there isn't much you can do anyway. If I get the problem again and I can give more details then I will.
Thanks for your quick responses; I hope I haven't wasted your time.

I don't know how to capture the main screen so I need to be told, but if I capture the current screen it works whichever screen holds the active window.

If I try rectangular capture (Shift PrtSc) then I can select a region in my second monitor but not in the main monitor which is my laptop screen. Capturing the active window works fine whichever screen holds the active window.
I'm using v4.29.0

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