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  • Friday September 24, 2021, 7:52 am
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well you sir have made my day even better  :up:

Just to let you know, the current setup i have does work nicely, just have to get everything in place in the correct order.

18:59 monitor sleep command to off
19:00 power off monitor
07:00 power on monitor
07:01 monitor sleep command to on

I will leave as it is for the moment and see if everything went to plan in the morning

Apologies, i did not mean computer to sleep, put the monitor to sleep (in my case i am putting TV screens to sleep).

If the code could be tweaked so that when the script is run (if possible via a Scheduled Task), it could save the state of the windows that would save me messing around with extra batch files to get the screen to sleep so WinPosSaver will save the state.

Then all i would need to do is pull the screen power, and when the screens power restores the script auto runs and re-arranges the windows, or i run the script via Scheduled Task a few minutes after the power is restored to the screens to re-arrange windows.

Is this possible?

A big thanks to Skrommel as well then!

I searched for "keep the state of multiple screens when power is switched off" and this website was near the bottom of the first page.

I am using this project to fix issues inside my office which works great now, just a bit of background info should you want to read it on what i have been doing.

We have many multiple monitors in my head office which are connected to single computers that display information, how profitable we are etc using Power BI and Excel Dashboards.

So first issue was no one was turning the screens off, which meant we walk around the offices to make sure they went off at night, i fixed this issue with smart plugs to switch off at 7pm and on at 7am monday to friday.

Next issue was when power was restored at 7am on multiple monitors the windows was all on the primary screen.

So my solution was use nircmd to sleep and wake at the times above, this didnt work still. so i done some digging for software that will keep the state of the screens.

Which is when i came across this page and did a test and it worked, but my issue was still happening.

The way i have resolved it is, at 6:58pm, a scheduled task run with nircmd to put the computer into sleep (without this power is cut and WinPosSaver wont know the state of the windows). At 7am power is restored to the monitors and then at 7:02am, i send another task to wake the screen, WinPosSaver then re-arranges all the windows back for me.

I have some testing to do over the next week but if this works i will be rolling this out to all multiple monitors.

All this because people are lazy to switch a tv screen off!

Hi mouser,

I have signed up purely to say a massive thank you to you and everyone else who has contributed to this project. I too faced so many issues with windows and screen positions and i have been trying to come up with a solution and stumbled across this.

I have downloaded the latest version you have compiled which works great, no problems at all so far for me.

So again, many thanks and keep up the good work, i will be following closely and report back with any issues should that help.

Kind regards


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