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Find And Run Robot / Restart & Shutdown under FARR?
« on: January 15, 2020, 05:49 AM »
Recently, my FARR aliases for restart Windows 10 (v. 1809) and shutdown Windows 10 have stopped working, bringing up a CMD black screen which then closes. I'm having to do it through W10 settings.

Has something changed? Am I doing something wrong?

The relevant entries are:-

Restart | C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /r /t 0

Shutdown | C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks. Mouser, that did it.

(No idea how I did that in the first place!)

I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me solve this error [see screenshot].

Many thanks!

Even better. Thanks, ash and anandcoral!

to me. Damn. I should have known that!

Many thanks!

... of my screen?

Subject title says it all, really. Thanks, all.

N.A.N.Y. 2018 / Re: Mini Clip Mon
« on: December 09, 2017, 01:49 AM »
Really useful. Thanks.

Would it be possible to have an option to reverse the order in which clips are stored, or copied into some other program?

Suppose I want to copy several clips from an article, and put them in, say, a WP document, in the order they're found in the piece. Would it be possible to have them in a descending order of clipping, so as to keep the flow of the original piece?

Skrommel's Software / UsedFonts: .docx, .odt documents also?
« on: November 05, 2017, 08:52 AM »
Hi, @Skrommel.

Just wondered whether UsedFonts could be extended to cover more recent Word document formats, and also Libreoffice/OpenOffice Writer document formats too?


Living Room / Re: Good bye Firefox
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:49 AM »
@dantheman, 15 minutes, tops. As for the sync issue, not really something I can help with: I don't sync with Mozilla. Perhaps there are others here who can...?

Living Room / Re: Good bye Firefox
« on: October 31, 2017, 08:33 AM »
Just putting in a warm word for Waterfox.

With its update to 55.2.2 (Oct '17), it now has its own separate location for profile folders.

Concerned about the impending add-on change in FF 57, I've just now moved over to WF. If you copy and paste your profiles from FF location to WF location, and then make sure that the profiles.ini in WF has the same contents as the FF profiles.ini, you'll be reproducing, in WF, all your settings, add-ons, bookmarks. It would be worth checking that all the add-ons survive the transfer: I think I had to (re-)enable one or two. All in all, though, an easy process.

So much so that I uninstalled FF stable and ESR from my computer.

Just a reminder to everyone that if you want to encourage the coders on the site, you can make a donation to them by clicking the gold coin under their name.

Good reminder. Donations made, to express my gratitude for this site and the skill and expertise offered.

@orbis: Uploaded a new version with corrected timing.

I am extremely grateful.

but it has the unfortunate side-effect of making the chime and voice sound every second for the minute it's set to run.

Ah, apologies for that.  I didn't look too closely at the source.   :-[

Might there be a way round this?

To answer your question, yes, it'll take further code modifications to do what you want.  Unfortunately, I do not have time today to look at the source more closely (regular job getting in the way  :P).  If Skrommel doesn't get to it first, I'll try to find time later this week.

That is very good of you. Appreciated!

Thanks. I'd certainly sacrifice some CPU for a bit more accuracy here.
Or is there a setting which users can change, perhaps?

The source code doesn't have this as a user-definable setting but, if you have AutoHotkey installed, and are using the .ahk file instead of the .exe, you can easily modify the source on line 189 to do what you want.

Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. SetTimer,RUNNING,60000

The 60000 is 60000 milliseconds, or, 60 seconds.  If you want it checking every second, close the script, change the 60000 to 1000, and relaunch the script.  Make sense?

Thanks. Moved over to AHK to try that out. It's certainly more accurate with line 189 at 1000, but it has the unfortunate side-effect of making the chime and voice sound every second for the minute it's set to run.

I have it set up to ring on the hour, and every 15 minutes thereafter. At those times, it constantly chimes/speaks for every second for a minute on the hour, at 15, etc.

Might there be a way round this?

Thanks. I'd certainly sacrifice some CPU for a bit more accuracy here.

Or is there a setting which users can change, perhaps?

Or perhaps two versions - higher and lower CPU?

@orbis: I use a timer set to 60 seconds, so it can be off by almost a minute. It's just to be as easy on the CPU as possible, but I can easily change it.

Thanks. I'd certainly sacrifice some CPU for a bit more accuracy here.

Or is there a setting which users can change, perhaps?

@Skrommel, great piece of software. Thanks!

Any ideas why (Win 10, system time kept regularly up to date via Chime should invariably notify me up to 60 seconds after system time indicates the time specified? It announces actual system time correctly, but is not off its marks as soon as that time arrives.

Thanks. I've discovered the EarTrumpet app/program, which allows individual programs to run different volume levels, and it seems to work well here:

Sorry to be a bother, skrommel, but the volume control (on the .exe.file, which is what I'm using) only seems to work on sound, not voice, nor sound+voice.

Would you mind having a look?

Many thanks!

Many thanks indeed, skrommel!

Hi, Skommel,

Just found this. What an excellent little program!

How possible would it be to have it use an independent volume control, so I could have, say, music louder, and this softer?

No hurry at all on this... Thanks!

Skwire Empire / Re: Anuran: spell checking?
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:13 AM »
IainB, thanks very much for this suggestion. Appreciated. I will certainly go and give it a look!

Many thanks. Your software is superb (as is that of others on the site) and in regular daily use.  :up:

The thought had crossed my mind - but I did not want to presume!

BTW, if mouser reads these (and I am sure he does), I would still prefer (despite your skilled and worthy help!) working by using the pop-up, and I do think this disappearing caption/comment issue amounts to a bug.

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