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  • September 16, 2019, 03:05 PM
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So, the tool is basically a DNS switcher? Or switcher + null-routing with hosts file?

How does it prevent DNS leaks and tracks? Switching to a DNS server that claims doing this is not the same as actually preventing it.

The feature list seems a bit like false advertisement, if it's just a blocklist. While null-routing known malware hosts does prevent getting malware from those domains, that really doesn't qualify a product as "anti-malware".

How come it's hosted on sourceforge if the source is not available?

Also, a couple of things regarding DnsCrypt:
1) it doesn't encrypt DNS traffic, it cryptographically verifies that the replies haven't been tampered with.
2) using a DNS server that's listed as "supporting DnsCrypt" is meaningless, you don't gain anything unless you're running the DnsCrypt client yourself.

Hi F0lder,

thank you so much for your helpful comment.

Yea, that's true switching DNS to a trusted DNS doesn't mean preventing DNS Leaking, that's why I'll make a new version will be 2.2.0, that will be DNScrypt supported.

I just notice that I was writing Malware blocker in Features, but in the description, I'm writing: Block domains known to spread malware.


I edited the features and I make it correct now, I'm sorry for that and thank you so much again.

Note: I'm a 20 years guy and, I will be so glad to hear your advices or anything that can improve the software.

@Youssef: Thanks for posting about this rather interesting software.
On the website at: https://sourceforge..../projects/weblocker/
- the features of WebLocker are given as:
  • Websites Blocker
  • Adblock
  • Anti Porn
  • Ads Blocker
  • Adblocker
  • Adware Blocker
  • Malware Blocker
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-DNS Leak
  • Anti-Track
  • Connectivity fixer
  • DNS Changer
  • Social Network Blocker
  • Online Gambling Blocker
  • Parental Controle
  • work on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10)
- but it seems there may be other features - for example, you mention above that:
I added a feature to manually change the DNS, then I developed a feature that can stop DNS Leaking by changing the DNS to Anon Log DNS and by including DNScrypt to encrypt the DNS Traffic.

So, I have some questions:
  • Documentation: Where should I go to find full current documentation of the software please?
  • DNSCrypt: I already use DNSCrypt (see: OpenDNS + DNSCrypt - Mini-Review) and would like to know about the version of DNSCrypt and any DNSCrypt management interface used in WebLocker.
  • Partners: Who are the "partners" that I saw referred to on one of your project websites?

Hi IainB,
Thanks to you for taking the time to read my post, and I would be glad to answer your questions.

1. Documentation: I'm sorry to say that I still don't have a full documentation of the software, but I will write it as soon as possible, I still don't have a website too, that's why I uploaded WebLocker on SourceForge in the first time.
2. DNScrypt: for WebLocker V2, DNScrypt is not supported anymore, it use a public DNSs that support: Log Anon and DNScrypt, you can find more here:
3. Partners: I don't have partners, I am the only developer of WebLocker, and it's my personal idea.

please if you have any other question, feel free to ask me, and i will be happy to answer it.

Ah well welcome to the site.  The user interface looks like attractive.

Can you tell us more about the software -- what language you wrote it in and what motivated you to make it, etc.

I see it's on SourceForge but I don't see any source code available -- it is open source?

Thank you so much Mouser,

WebLocker is developed in C# and it's a Freeware and not open source.

the idea of WebLocker V1.0 comes when I was reading some articles in 2015 and I see something like this:


And I start thinking that I know how I can block Websites, so why not to do something that will help some people to solve one of their problems. I was sure that I can do that, even I was a student.

so I start developing the software that I gave it the name of WebLocker, then I said that I can't upload a software with one button just to block "adult websites", I start thinking to add more features, then I added the method to block a website by the user choice.
I knew that we can use some DNS to block access to "Adult websites", so I added this feature too, and I added 4 types of DNSs the Family DNS, Speed DNS, Secure DNS and Unblock US by DNS (that's can unblock access to some US websites without using VPN).

I added a feature to manually change the DNS, then I developed a feature that can stop DNS Leaking by changing the DNS to Anon Log DNS and by including DNScrypt to encrypt the DNS Traffic.

and at the end, I developed a menuStrip that contain some tools that can be useful in some case, which are
Flush DNS, Restart DNS client service ... etc

I uploaded WebLocker V1.0 in 20 Sep 2015 and it reached more than 20 000 downloads in a year, and that's what gave me the power to make a new version with a modern design and more useful features.

and I started developing the V2.0 since Feb 2016, I was studying then, so that's why I took too much time to done it.

What did I gain from WebLocker if it's for free?

A lot of people keep asking me this question, the answer is that I never gained a dollar from WebLocker, but I gained a good knowledge in c#, and I learned a lot of things.

that's all about WebLocker life :)

Can you please tell us your relation to this software?

Hi mouser, I'm the developer of the software :)

Basic Info

App NameWebLocker
App URLhttp://www.softpedia...r-Youssef-Omri.shtml
App Version Reviewed2.1.0
Test System Specs"Windows XP", "Windows 7", "Windows 8.1", "Windows 10"
Supported OSesWindows XP or higher
Support MethodsEmail, Phone, Facebook Page
Trial Version Available?Full Version Available
Pricing SchemeFree
Author Donation LinkDonate to TheYousSoft, The developer


WebLocker is a security-orientated piece of software that can help you improve your online user experience and keep you out of harm's way, at least on the Internet.

Block off distractions and bad-natured websites with the help of this interesting tool
You can easily think of WebLocker as a parental control utility with efficient ad-blocking capabilities as it allows you to block various potentially malicious domains, up to 19.5000 pornography websites, some of the most famous social media platforms, as well as access to online gambling services.

It's also capable of blocking YouTube ads, although it's not as refined as a pure-blooded ad-blocker, as we're sure you'll find out.

Easy-to-install, novice-accessible and very interesting tool
The best part about this utility is that it can do all of the things described above without forcing you to go through complicated procedures. The installation is quite straightforward and, in order to start using the app, you only need to create a new account and associate a master password.

Our advice, if you want full protection right-off-the-bat, head straight over to the Online Protection tab section and enable all the features on display. The utility is also quite capable when it comes to protecting you against DNS leaks and other suspicious online tracking shenanigans.

Within the dedicated section, you can choose one of five DNS protection policies or manually enter your preferred and alternative DNS servers. Move one tab to the left, and you can block access to various domains and websites. Quite conveniently, the app allows you to schedule when the whole blocking operation should take effect.

Packs a surprising amount of useful features

On the upper part of the app's compact main window, there are a few extra features that might be worthy of your attention. For example, you can effortlessly flush the DNS cache, renew the DNS client registration, as well as restart the DNS client Service.

The options within the Connection menu might be even more appealing, as they allow you to reset the set of rules that govern the connection between your computer and the Internet, in an attempt to "fix" non-complicated connectivity issues.

Last but not least, you should take a look at the few extra features located in the Protection tab, in the app's Settings section. You are allowed to thoroughly customize the app's behavior to suit your needs by disabling or disallowing various features.

Useful and versatile app with a strong focus on keeping your online activity as safe as possible
To conclude, WebLocker is one of those applications that "fight the good fight." It does a stellar job at blocking websites, it's also fairly capable of blocking most types of ads, and it even tries to be of service when it comes to fixing your computer's Internet connection.



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