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Living Room / Android annoyances
« on: October 10, 2019, 08:07 AM »

Do you know any solutions to the below Android annoyances please?

1) I very often accidentally switch on the Google Assistant, how do I completely disable or uninstall it? I don't find any value in using it and it has some very basic shortcuts that interfere too often.
2) How can I set the phone not to dim the screen when a specific app is running?
3) How do I set the phone to always mute a specific app? There is an app that has annoying ads that have sound and I want to stop this.


Thanks for the great info.

I have saved the Windows 10 key and I may choose to upgrade when MS stops the 8.1 support/updates as I am happy with 8.1 for now.

Living Room / Windows 10 Versions: Education, Education N, 1809, 1903
« on: October 02, 2019, 03:48 PM »

I can download Windows 10 from the university and I am offered the following versions:

Education 1809
Education N 1809
Windows 10 1809
Windows 10 (consumer editions) 1903 - DVD

Which one should I choose? What are the differences? Which is the most 'advanced'?

Also, do I download it and run it as installer to update my Windows 8.1? I do not want to erase anything.

Will it say if my laptop is not compatible?


Living Room / Free call recorder for Android
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:02 PM »

Is there any free reliable call recorder for Android to automatically record and store the audio of all calls?



I like the idea of the whole mobile phone screen to be a fingerprint sensor.

However, I read somewhere that you need to click on specific area of the screen and you need to wait for a percentage to go to 100% before you lift your finger.

Is that the case for every such phone?

I want it to work really fast.


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