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This post was initially erroneously deleted as spam.. Eddy can you follow up and fix your broken link, and maybe tell us a little bit more about what motivated you to work on this?
I'm also curious about the site -- can you tell us more about it and your involvement with it? It looks like there are some interesting old programs on it that must represent some early programming projects of yours (or someone elses?)
Hi, Mouser. Thanks for restoring the post, and sorry for my angry complaint before.

Motivation? RAR archiver, which offers data compression/encryption/error-recover/authentic-verification. But RAR error-recovery is restricted to RAR archive only, so I was wondering whether I could code something like that for any file. And CryoGen was born. "Development" stopped 1-2 years later (I got almost no feedback), and after abandoning it for many years, recently I tried to resurrect it again, and fortunately it works :-) You should ask Jibz  ;)
No, seriously, it's because I joined Hanno Bock's EXEList mailing list on Yahoo site a long time ago. Some stuff there get graciously hosted to (a Slovakian anti virus FTP site) by the maintainer, Peter Hubinsky, including some of my (embarrasing) DOS stuff and old CryoGen. But unlike Jibz and others there, my programming skill was (and still is) limited and I ended up doing listing of various program stuff which I creatively named as EddyHawk's Info List. Aah, the old days...

Hello, DonationCoder members

I recently revived my old software, CryoGen, and enhances it enough
to be worthy for a new release.
It's a win32 command line program. It accepts any single file and
generates error-correcting record for that file. Later on, when
the source file is damaged/errorenous, you can use CryoGen program
with the generated record file in the attempt to fix the errors.
In other words, CryoGen is basically the stand-alone error recovery
feature available from file archivers like WinRAR & FreeArc,
or in the same software category with MultiPAR (PAR2), ICEECC, &
RSC32. The earliest version (DOS) even predates PARchive :-)
CryoGen always in alpha version and is not planned to be backward
compatible. But it seems to work fine so far.
And being a simple program, CryoGen doesn't offer fancier things like
GUI, large file support (more than 2.1Gb), multiple files/folders in
single record, custom percentage, fixes a very long burst error
(more than 16Kb), and it cannot fix shifted data
due to data insertions/deletions.
But when those aren't the cases, CryoGen surprisingly beats
WinRAR v3.92's, FreeArc v0.666's, MultiPAR v1.2.5, and ICEECC v2.7
in my few tests: It can still fully undo the many sporadic moderate
errors while all the others cannot, even when they are specified
to use larger recovery records than CryoGen's. This is even more
significant because some of them already use the sophisticated
Reed-Solomon error-correcting code algorithm.

It is available in
Look for cyg32wr1.7z there (7zip archive)

Or just download the archive attached to this post.

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