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That's OK, I appreciate you having a go. I can mock up some pics if it helps anyone work out what is needed.
Failing that, I'd best learn to code lol

Thanks, OK so looking at it yes and no. Being able to enter text for each choice is what I need certainly, but also the screens themselves would ideally be dressed up and have a heading, maybe background pics etc as it's as much about it being a visual thing to get excited about as it is the random nature of the choices.

For example, after choosing who is picking the activity on screen one, I'd imagine the first choice would be will the activity be indoors or outdoors leading to those particular tree's of activity on my flow chart. It would be great if the screen could have some nice graphics, coloured backgrounds that kind of thing so it looked something like this attached.


Hi there

Yep I see how it works. Helped me to change some of the image files to I can follow the path
For example once choosing him or her, the first choice for us would be indoor or outdoor activity so I named the image pics to include that.

As a rough draft it's a great start, just don't forget I'll need to be able to type in text as well as have a picture(s) to support the text.

Best regards


Still hoping someone could put this together for me and others.

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