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Very often when I make a screen capture I will hear the Windows Ding (bell sound) a few seconds later.  The typical scenario is as follows:

1) Capture a screenshot (a selected region)
2) Add a Text caption box
3) Switch back to the program I was running originally (Screenshot Captor loses focus)
4) Some seconds later I will hear the Windows Ding sound.

This is sorta driving me crazy, so any workaround tip would be appreciated.

(Running Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit, quad-core Athlon)

I capture many screens as I am doing coding/testing work.  After each capture, the first thing I do 99% of the time is select the Text tool to add an annotation.  It would be great if there were an option to make this the default tool post-capture.  Thank you for your consideration.

(P I have used many screen capture tools over the years, most recently SnagIt for the last 3 years. Your tool is amazing value, even directly compared to Snagit.)

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