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Screenshot Captor / resolution settings? "e"sr addon on win7
« on: March 04, 2016, 10:49 AM »
I'm trying to record my external monitor on win7, @ 1920x1080.

I can't see any res. options in the settings?
Also, the auto-integration (of the esr addon) - is this achievable on portable?
Not sure if I broke otherwise-working auto-config (I extracted the ESR portable folder as a sub-dir of portable ScreenCaptor, to relative folder ESR), both work independently of each other.

Wondered if it's a codec thang, tried magicyuv (apparently improved resolution over default, maybe because of video&compressionTYPE setting changes...) seemed to fix aspect ratio, but no options (AFAIK) re resolution...

Do I need to get something like CamTasia or Bandstudio for 1920 capture (also using 16-bit external audio via USB behringer, doesn't seem to like compression options)....

Any guides here on settings to try for (eg) small(er) files VS best quality etc?

Powerful stuff Thanks

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