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  • Sunday October 2, 2022, 8:21 am
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This fix (adjusting the High DPI .exe Compatibility Settings per the previous post) is not working for me. Are there any other potential fixes.

UPDATE: Solved ---  Uninstalling with REVO Uninstaller, having it clean leftover items and letting it clean the Registry and reinstalling fixed the issue. Settings for the .exe are default, "not modified" per the earlier post.

Correct, it is the dialog that has the preview and says "You have captured a new screenshot, what now?"

Yes, it is frozen till I hit 'Alt+Tab' and go to any other window, or back to itself, and click back on the dialog. It will then be working.

Now @mouser, 'shift+prtscr'

It still massively enlarges the screen on capturing. Not solved but the Beta.

So you know how I'm running it, I didn't uninstall my production version (that is not installed as Portable). I just made sure it was terminated and then I launched the Portable Beta. I assume that's OK.

Lastly, for both issues, I tried running as 'Administrator' when I launched. No difference. Although, my entire machine is set to Administrator so that's probably moot.

Ok @mouser, one at a time. Good idea.

Using the portable Beta and the Red capture setting, the capture window is frozen as soon as it pops up after I hit 'Ctrl+click.'  But, if I 'Alt+Tab' away from it and then cycle to it, it is not frozen, I can make choices and all is well. It's just frozen until I 'Alt+Tab' away and come back.

I tried just clicking (no 'Alt+Tab'-ing) on other windows or apps and then clicking back to SC, but that didn't unfreeze. The only way I could unfreeze it was to 'Alt+Tab' it. FYI, 'Win+Tab' had the same effect, it recovered it also. Also, I don't have to 'Alt+Tab' back to it directly. I can 'Alt+Tab' to something else and then just click the SC window and it will be alive again.

I'm still having the scaling problem. I have three monitors, all set to 100% scaling. Two are 4K and one is a 2K monitor. If I try to 'shift-PrnScr' on the 4Ks everything is scaled up and shifted off screen so I can't drag and get the lower right corner. Plus, it's just enlarged really big.

I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled, and rebooted, on my Windows 10 Pro machine. No help.

I tried using a 'Manifest' file to change the DPI detection to 'false' just to see what happens, that did not help. Not sure it even would, just a stab in the dark. You never know when you are not a skilled

I've changed to the mode where you get a red overlay that you can size and then hit 'Ctrl+click' to grab, but then that window freezes and hangs and I have to use Task Manager to close the program and reopen it.

So I'm kind of stuck. I love SC but I think I have to find another solution now.

I'm having this same issue on Windows 10 with a 3 monitor setup.

I have two 32" 4K monitors (set to 2560x1440) on the left and a 27" HD monitor (set to 1920x1200) on the right. Any window I try to region grab from one of the 4K Monitors with 'Shift+PrnScn' drastically enlarges the capture. If I drag the program to the HD monitor I am able to grab a region successfully.

I'm not using a laptop or connecting and disconnecting monitors. I'm using the latest version. If I try to region grab a section of Adobe After Effects, it enlarges across all 3 monitors.

Lastly, I'm not using any Windows scaling. My 'size of text, apps, and other items' is 100%.

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