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I'd wish you would read the entirety of my posts. It would also help if you read the comments. If you had, you would know that your timeline is seriously wrong. It's actually this:
    1. I made a post about Zettelkasten and Wikis on the Taking Note blog.
    2. You tried to publish "a Zettelkasten PIM related comment" on the Taking Note blog on (December 3, 2015 at around 9:59 PM).
    3. The blog entry was twice deleted very soon after you made it. In other words, you either did not succeed in making the blog post or you deleted it. I did not delete it and would not have deleted it. But I was not sure I could respond to it directly.
    4. I wrote a blog post on OneNote on December 04, 2015. 10:11 AM that I characterized as a rant. I said that it was occasioned by recent and not-so recent comments. And I also said that "my notes don't have to be both client-based and web-based, I don't need formatting, images, links, etc. from web-page capture to be retained, OLE editing, OCR, Excel Spreadsheets, MS-Outlook exchange (the last two should be obvious after what I said before, but ...)" which you would have recognized, but no one else. I did not mention your name or pseudonym
    4. You published part of what you said in your comments on December 04, 2015, 10:40:58 PM, that is 29 minutes after my post of 10:11 AM.
    5. I then responded on December 05, 2015 5:45 AM to your post (of December 04, 2015, 10:40) on this which I clearly say that your "contribution was first posted in a slightly different form as a comment on My Zettelkasten. Much to my regret, it was, however, deleted again by the author," as that was the only explanation I had for its disappearance. It was also the first time I addressed your pseudonym directly (or indirectly, for that matter).
    ... The rest should be clear to anyone who followed this Forum and the blog.
   I have no idea why you want to accuse me of having deleted your entry. In fact, given the fact that I have explained this several times and you refuse to even acknowledge it, I am asking myself whether this last attempt to set things straight, makes even sense.

I also regret to bother everyone with these details (but I have been accused ...)
Manfred Kuehn

P.S.: Much of this misunderstanding could have been avoided, if you could be e-mailed, for that is what I would have done, had I had your address.


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