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  • Thursday February 22, 2024, 10:36 am
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Right now when you double click on the Clipboard Help+Spell icon, and go to Clipboard, you can CTRL+A to delete everything from Clipboard.
Then you have to Right click on Recycle Bon and then Empty Recycle Bin to finally remove everything.

However, the last clip is still VISIBLE so you have to select and copy a random item to finally remove that last clip from the program.

This is a lengthy and cumbersome multi-step procedure.

Scripted Wipes and program termination would be going the extra step individuals can take. Reasonable normal program functionality would be a right click option for

Delete All Clips + Empty Recycle Bin

There shouldn't be concern about this function being default available, but all right, legitimate concerns can easily be addressed:

Rather than by default then... in options... maybe have a CHECK box to ENABLE this right click option, and another CHECK box to DISABLE any ARE YOU SURE? options, because I can just see the "ARE YOU SURE?" being thrown in, defeating the purpose of a QUICK nuke option which would simply

Delete All Clips + Empty Recycle Bin

with a single click. No other prompts, and if someone chooses to go OUT OF THEIR WAY, to enable this option, maybe we shouldn't worry about them accidentally emptying their Clipboard history?  :) :D
Maybe they'll be real happy about having what they actually chose to enable...

This is a fantastic program that I love so much I have a middle mouse click button assigned to display the Clipboard History.
People sometimes have browser add-ons that copy to clipboard *everything* they highlighted, for superfast computing reasons.
So it's a major pain clearing clipboard history every time they visit... ;)
Thank you for making this program.

For security and privacy reasons, people want to clear the entire Clip List and empty the Recycle Bin, so no one can open Clipboard Help+Spell thereafter to quickly see what was being copied by someone else.

Won't you please consider a single Nuke one click option, that clears every copied item, both from the Clip List and the Recycle Bin?

What is the procedure to simply remove that from being displayed, without affecting anything else?

If there is none, would you consider an option, just an option, to have it disabled so we only see the relevant line text without codes like carriage return being visually displayed?

I see \n at the end of some displayed entries in the Quick Paste Menu.... what is the significance of that and can this be disabled?

Thank you. I added instructions below to my notes.
Perhaps this could be added to program options?

OFF TOPIC: I am not asking you to change the app, take this solely as user feedback:
It took me three days on my new system to figure out that the annoying sound was coming from Clipboard Help+Spell default options to make a sound every time copy function was executed.

Most app sounds should usually be set to off by default with an *option* to turn sounds on.

Clipboard data is stored in the Windows Documents folder.
To set a custom location where clipboard data is stored, separate from where the program is installed, for example, to set Clipboard data location as E:\Program Files\Clipboard Help+Spell

Exit the program.
Use Notepad to open C:\Program Files (x86)\Clipboard Help+Spell\ConfigDir.ini
Edit line
So that it says
CONFIGDIR = E:\Program Files\Clipboard Help+Spell
[Without // in the beginning of the line.]
Save the edited file and restart the program.

The program uses folder Documents\DonationCoder\Clipboard Help+Spell to store everything there.

People sometimes move the Documents folder away from C: drive and to a custom location which gets backed up frequently.
We certainly *do not* want everything we ever copy-pasted to be included in those backups and the only way to avoid that is to have a custom storage location that Clipboard Help+Spell could use.

How do we do that?
How do we stop Clipboard Help+Spell from using the Windows Documents folder to store sensitive information in it?
Thank you.


Could you open the attached file in Wordpad. It contains a regular cell phone text smiley.
What would it take for it to remain in the buffer instead of two question marks ?? when you copy it...

EDIT:... I don't know why it is not showing up in the post, it is a .zip file...

So a couple of versions later now, has any of this been implemented and if not, are there any plans for any of them in the future:

1. Tray icon flash disable (preferably by default, but at least an option).

2. Flush Clip History, as a 1-click option on the main menu, right above where it says Exit.
(Probably the most important request, since Flush Clip History would get rid of copied credit card number and other sensitive data someone might be temporarily working with.)

3. This should be default: Misc. Options 1 > CHECK: Update clip modification date on paste.

Aha. Recent Topics you posted in. That's the one.

In my humble opinion, every forum should have that link front and center and separate from everything else since after people come back to the forums, they are most interested in status of threads they already posting in... Thanks again...

Unless people disagree, I would like to post my requests so far for your consideration:

1. Tray icon flash disable (preferably by default, but at least an option).

2. Flush Clip History, as a 1-click option on the main menu, right above where it says Exit.
(Probably the most important request, since Flush Clip History would get rid of copied credit card number and other sensitive data someone might be temporarily working with.)

3. This should be default: Misc. Options 1 > CHECK: Update clip modification date on paste.

and the one I know won't be implemented ;-) :-) :

4. All sounds OFF by default with option to turn ON.

Thank you again for making this fine program.

P.S. It would be nice to have some sort of View Your Posts link on the forums that would list all the threads the logged in user is participating in with a single click in order of most recent activity.

Thank you for telling me this already exists.

I found it at:
Misc. Options 1 > CHECK: Update clip modification date on paste

Perhaps in next version this option can be CHECKed by default and people can choose to unCHECK it?

When you select a clipboard item from the Quick Paste Menu, it stays where it is on the list.
Is there an option to make the selected item move to the top, due to the likelihood of that selected item being needed more than once...

Very good, ctrl+alt+Q is also customizable in the Hotkeys menu. Perfect. I just switched mine to the easiest to press combo CTRL+ALT+Z :)

The flashing icon should be an easy fix, a simple option to give us a choice to turn the flashing off - thank you for considering it.

Finally, the Flush All is a security feature, I store my credit card number in a password protected file and when I open it and paste it - I sure don't want that number in clipboard history. This is a just one of many examples. No company with sensitive email writing etc. would want a history of certain things copied, but if you kindly consider implementing a Flush Clipboard History button right above where it says Exit, that would address that concern and it would make this program a 10.

The other things can be modified in settings, but just out of curiosity, the sounds are ON by default - did you find people want to hear the sounds, a vocal reminder each and every time they copy something or would you say the majority (more than 50%) of users switch off sounds, and if so should they also not be OFF by default with a nice and useful *option* to turn them ON?

Thank you for making this excellent program.

I think it's a great idea to have the *option* to have the icon change/flash during clipboard capture to help visually show that a clip has been captured...

But hopefully this is not a mandatory feature, how is the flashing disabled please?

Also, is there a way to Flush / Remove all Clip History, as a 1-click option on the main menu?

And most importantly - is there a Paste on selection option?
Is there a keyboard shortcut that brings the list up and we click on the item and it is automatically pasted?

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