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I'm wondering if when I clip from a web page does S+H copy the actual images to the clipboard database it uses or is it just grabbing a url that then displays the image either from the web or my cache file? Cheers,

General Software Discussion / Re: New version: Copernic Desktop Search 3
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:40 PM »
I also can't believe that Copernic did this. They can write software but they have some management issues that are making me want to switch too. The last time I used Windows Desktop Search it was a nightmare, but that was just when the previous version was released. What's the word on their latest version? Anyone an advocate? I heard it was more stable and less of a hog.

Yes it's true that Infoselect now has a trial. It's not for everyone, but it's powerful.

I discovered a very cool program yesterday that might be a god sent for some. It's called PowerGrep. It will allow you to grab paragraphs of text from word files, and many other file types and create new files from those searches or copy them to the clipboard. For me this is the big thing missing from Word. Anyhow, I just thought I'd put that one out there. I know some Linux users and others have been telling people to use text files and grep. Well, that's a pretty cool idea. But with PowerGrep you can do this with pdf files, excel files, word files, xml, text, html!

The way I see it is that we are all suffering from information overload. Filtering is the key. So, if you have a brilliant editor, which Word is, and a program to filter tagged paragraphs, you're in business as a writer.

Here's my current setup: Evernote for web clipping and quick random notes, Word for writing (using outline view), Copernic search, PowerGrep, Endnote for research database, and Clipmate for grabbing and storing clips of all sorts, and for storing my tag lists.

Know what? MS Word is a bloody powerful piece of software. I've recently discovered something cool: PowerGrep. Bloody amazing. I know there are all these clipper programs like Evernote. But with PowerGrep you can filter anything you want from a doc file. If you could use Word as your clipping you'd be way better off than using proprietary clipping file types, plus if you're already working a lot in Word it just makes sense to keep things simple. Anyhow, what I think would be very cool is a Firefox addon that would basically fire stuff over to a Word document. Maybe it could have an append or start new file feature. That's my idea anyhow.

Evernote is sweet for webclipping especially if you have the usb sych version. There seems to be a lot of concern, however, about v3.x, and the direction things are taking. The main problem with Evernote 2.2 is that it needs an optional tree structure IMHO. This would make it formidably powerful. Actually, then it would start to approach the power of InfoSelect. I was going to say that InfoSelect is currently offering trial versions of their program, which is something new; so, if you haven't had a chance to run it give it a shot. Personally, I've searched high and low and there's nothing that comes close to its power, at least for text based free database style work. They have smartfolders, similar to Evernote's automatic tagging feature, and you can of course manually tag stuff and filter it into views. They also have contexts so that you can save states of the program to come back to. There's a lot of amazing features. To give you an example, I can break up a document by putting in a couple of marks and running a command. I haven't seen that in any other program. Joining notes. Simple. What I like most about the program is the ability of it to imitate working with index cards. Basically you can float any number of windows around, even outside the program itself. It's not perfect, but for working with text it's the most powerful thing out there. Mybase is pretty cool, but I couldn't even import a .doc file. No offense to the developer. They are doing a brilliant job. It's very promising, but many of the things that I'm looking for are already there in InfoSelect. It is pricey, but so is Endnote and other specialty programs in this category. I personally thought that this program was dismissed too readily in this thread because it did more than just manage notes and clips, but that's just arbitrary. I don't use the email facilty, nor the newsgroups, but they look great. It's not a hugely gooey piece of software. It's interface is utilitarian to be sure. I was curious about Whizfolders, which someone on 43Folders called "the poor man's Infosect", but I don't see any ability to filter information, which is the whole point for a text information manager. If I just want to write my document in an outline format, I can do that in Word's Outline view, which is incredibly powerful. UltraRecall looks cool too, but I find the inability to float windows a serious limitation. Anyhow, no offense to any of the developers, but I think InfoSelect is really worth checking out.

Thanx for the feedback on SQLNotes. I'm wondering... is there a quick start guide somewhere? One thing I found difficult right away was the inability to adjust font sizes. It seemed to be defaulting to something too small in the text windows. The thing with Infoselect that's so powerful for me is the ability to set up smart folders that will take any search strings, and I just add tag words to text items, and it filter them into a folder. This is the same basic functionality that Evernote has. It will also allow automatically filtering based on keywords that you set using boolean operators. So, I can just dump a big word research note document into Infoselect and break it up into card sized chunks of info by tagging it with two dashes, and then filter however I wish using keywords. If I could get SQLNotes up and running with this sort of simple filtering I'd love to have a look at it. Is this difficult to do? Can you breakup text items easily or join them easily? The other thing I noticed was the inability to just import a .doc file. I gather this will be added soon. I'm certainly looking forward to the release of this program. It sounds like it might be that legendary program we're all waiting for. From what I understand Devonthink is such a program in the Mac world, but I've never actually worked with it. So far I think InfoSelect is definitely the most powerful thing I've seen. I think it's true that synching is poor and it's not pretty, but it's bloody powerful. I was going to also thank you for the Evernotes tip. I do like EN, but somehow it seems too crude for serious research writing. I'd love to hear how you use SQLNotes for research. If the details are too much for the list we can always take it to email or chat. I concur that Endnote is amazing, and I'm using it. Thanx for your post.

I just came across this thread. I was interested in Whizfolders and followed a link from a lifehacker article to this page. Very interesting. Seems the thread stopped around xmas. I thought I'd fire up a note to see if folks are interested in keeping it going. I learned about a number of programs from this thread that I was ignorant of. I'm especially interested in SQLNotes, but I'm a research writer and am not certain if it's exactly what I'm looking for. I'd love to hear impressions from those using it as a research tool. The one thing I found a bit disappointing about this discussion was the rather brisk dismissal of InfoSelect. InfoSelect, despite its many flaws, is probably still the most powerful note programs around. It can handle a tree structure with both automatic and manual tagging, filtering of tags and blisteringly fast search as you type. One thing that's very nice about it is the ability to float any number of windows even outside the program and pin them. Of course the program is a bit pricey and it does have some bloat (but you can shut off email support and other things). IS can readily split longer imported .doc files, which I haven't seen any other program be able to handle quite as powerfully. Recently I've been using Evernote 2.2. It's amazing for webcapture, and I love the tagging feature. But like others have observed, the fact that you can only display your list chronologically is a serious limitation. But it's superior to Onenote by miles. I can't stand the tab interface of Onenote. For me the ideal notetaking application would build on the strengths of MS Word. I would love the power of Word, especially Word's outline view, and styles. From there all I would need is the ability to tag paragraphs is unlimited ways, and the ability to filter my information and search it quickly with the ability to display this either strictly according to my paragraph tags or according to some combination of tags and headings. Anyhow, right now I still don't see anything more powerful out there than Infoselect, although I'm checking out SQLNotes and hoping this will be it!

Thanx for the code to delay the popup. That's an elegant solution. Is it also possible to reduce the size of the little line, or even hide the line indicating the toolbar is there? Thanx.

I'm using xp and I never liked having a fixed toolbar, but when you set the toolbar to autohide it always pops up when you don't want it to. I hate that. There's no way to control the timing in XP natively. The other day I decided to see if I could solve the problem. I came across a little utility called Taskbar Activate http://home.nordnet....vate.html#Historique . It works! It hasn't been updated since 99 though! I was wondering a couple of things: 1) is there anything else like this around? 2) is anyone interested in building on this amazing little program? For instance, I'd love to see a feature that shuts off the ability of a tray icon to cause the bar to come to the top. If you have an icon that's active the whole toolbar comes to the top. I have my toolbar wide on the left side using this program and it rocks.

Living Room / In Praise of Donationcoder
« on: February 09, 2008, 10:43 AM »
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site and the great software folks are writing, and the uber amazing forum. I love the fact that this site is by donation. I like the fact that it works on the principle of generosity and appreciation. It appeals to those higher parts of ourselves when we're asked to donate instead of just pay a set price. So, not only are you folks writing great software, providing a first rate forum, but you're also allowing downloaders to reach for and develop something good in themselves, namely generosity. It's a brilliant concept, and shows that we're not all morally dead yet. Thanx everyone!

Is there a previous version of this that works with v1 of FARR?

Peace thanx!

FARR Plugins and Aliases / Is there a main page for plugin downloads?
« on: December 21, 2007, 10:32 AM »
I've been using Launchy, and after v2.0 was released I got fed up with the system resources this thing hogs. Folks were praising Find&Run on Lifehacker. So, thought I'd give it a go. So far it looks great. One question though: Is there a download page for plugins? I can't seem to find anything. Also, if what are the must use plugins? When is v2 expected to be complete? All the best,

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