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I'm not sure if you are aware but if you take out the browser variable AHK automatically sends urls to the default browser when you send
Just edited your script (took out all references to "browser") and the fox ran it beautifully.
One other thing that you might want to include is Google Feeling Lucky I use this all the time
Your %22's around the google search would not be optimal were you to include the feeling lucky search in your script. Also when you use the compiler thats bundled with AHK you can chose your icon file there (Currently only works with Compiled scripts)
Just FYI

to your first question:
I will know that that they don't know that I know that I know what "their" doing because I will be one step ahead of them. ( I'm working on a product to tell me when they know that I know, then keep them from knowing I know. ya know!)

and to your second question:
true yes?

and to your post script: all knowledge is based on definable repeatable constants which at some point are defined only by themselves, if we find out one day these fundamentals are off we will cease to know anything. All proof will be void and we will all just speculate to know anything/everything.  So there!!

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Discretely notify when a process starts
« on: December 06, 2006, 09:48 AM »
I need a program similar to epmon
The nice thing about that program is you can right click to choose a single process to get notified about.  The problem is that it's tray icon shows numbers to diplay the CPU cycles its using. 

I want to know when my computer is being monitored by a specific monitoring program and I don't want whoever is watching to know, that I know, that I'm being watched.
Ideally it would use a very inconspicuous icon in the tray (speaker, mouse, power management maybe even a menu of icons to choose from so we'd never get caught) and when the single process that is using any CPU cycles appears/begins, it would notify me by showing another icon that would be inconspicuous (my thought was the outlook express "envelope" icon)
I am a big fan of donation coder and plan to contribute nicely once I get some money :)

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