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Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Pixel change monitor
« on: June 09, 2009, 02:50 PM »
1. Run PixelMonitor.
2. Crosshair cursor appears; click or drag to select an area of your display for the program to monitor.
3. As soon as a single pixel in selected area changes*, a sound plays to alert you of the change. [and/or an alert window pops up, etc]
* (preferably this could ignore the mouse cursor floating by)

This would be great for letting you look/step away from your computer to, say, make your bed while you're waiting for some change in a program without a built-in alert system.

Currently, PlainPaste ( has hotkeys in the form CTRL+V, CTRL+V for plain clipboard functions. Unfortunately, this brings about a slight pause when normally pasting (e.g., CTRL+V), presumably while waiting for a possible second press of the keys.

A change to "CTRL, CTRL+V" (the normal CTRL+V, just immediately preceded by tapping CTRL) would (presumably) eliminate this annoying delay. Thanks!

I have two slight modification ideas:
- change the three hotkeys to "tap Ctrl, then Ctrl+V [or C or X]" (with the current shortcut, the slight pause when normally pasting throws me off)
- (less important) a few toggle-able string processing commands (like collapse multiple newlines to just one, delete beginning and trailing newline(s), or maybe just user-customizable regexp capability)

I downloaded the AHK source code, deleted a couple line breaks, and recompiled it; the AVG detection went away.

Well, I recompiled it with AHK (deleted a couple line breaks - I don't know if that caused the problem), and it's working fine now.

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