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Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Pixel change monitor
« on: June 09, 2009, 02:50 PM »
1. Run PixelMonitor.
2. Crosshair cursor appears; click or drag to select an area of your display for the program to monitor.
3. As soon as a single pixel in selected area changes*, a sound plays to alert you of the change. [and/or an alert window pops up, etc]
* (preferably this could ignore the mouse cursor floating by)

This would be great for letting you look/step away from your computer to, say, make your bed while you're waiting for some change in a program without a built-in alert system.

Currently, PlainPaste (https://www.donation...Skrommel/#PlainPaste) has hotkeys in the form CTRL+V, CTRL+V for plain clipboard functions. Unfortunately, this brings about a slight pause when normally pasting (e.g., CTRL+V), presumably while waiting for a possible second press of the keys.

A change to "CTRL, CTRL+V" (the normal CTRL+V, just immediately preceded by tapping CTRL) would (presumably) eliminate this annoying delay. Thanks!

I have two slight modification ideas:
- change the three hotkeys to "tap Ctrl, then Ctrl+V [or C or X]" (with the current shortcut, the slight pause when normally pasting throws me off)
- (less important) a few toggle-able string processing commands (like collapse multiple newlines to just one, delete beginning and trailing newline(s), or maybe just user-customizable regexp capability)

I downloaded the AHK source code, deleted a couple line breaks, and recompiled it; the AVG detection went away.

Well, I recompiled it with AHK (deleted a couple line breaks - I don't know if that caused the problem), and it's working fine now.

I'm sure it's fine, but AVG won't give up.

Hmm... AVG tells me that DimSaver.scr contains Trojan Horse PSW.Agent.CRB.

Any ideas?

A screen-dimming program that would be great for use at work, to keep snoopers away.

For various reasons, an EXE is needed; a SCR won't work. Thanks!

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