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  • Tuesday March 21, 2023, 6:09 pm
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When I say platform, I mean SMF, the forum software.  That screen and everything behind it had to be done with custom code.
Right. That's the main reason I posted, actually. It seemed well-within the capabilities of the person who wrote those pages.  :)

Thanks for the replies, guys!  :D :Thmbsup: :)

As long as they publish accurate and honest fee rates, the services don't have to do anything at all.  :)

With the customer's initial amount and the fee rates as published by the payment gateway, you have all the data you need to do the gross and net calculations.

Ask user for initial amount.
Do the two calculations.
Query the user on which total to use.
Send the payment or ping the payment gateway with the total amount as selected by the user.

The payment service doesn't need to be aware of the details of what's going on, nor provide any special API. This is just another cool function of their awesome website!

One of the hosts I use is very geeky and chock-full of really nice features. Many done so well, you wonder how other hosts got them to be so clunky. One of the features they have fits in at DonationCoder really well, I think.  ;)  :Thmbsup:

You see, it's a little disappointing when you intend to donate a certain amount of money, but then you remember all-too-late that only a percentage of that money will go toward the endevours for which it had originally been purposed.

So, at my host, they implemented a way to select between "gross" or "net," giving you the option to essentially pay the transaction fees yourself, if you so choose:

Screenshot - 5_16_2017 , 12_45_40 AM.png

You can even clearly see, before you pay, how much of the payment will be alotted to actual hosting and how much you'll be paying in transaction fees. That way you can decide whether to eat the fees yourself, or allow them to be gouged from the amount you've already specified.

I LOVE seeing a nice, round $50.00 after a payment/donation!    

Plus, that would ultimately lead to some larger donations, I would hope. At least, by a percentage.  8)  ;D

Much more than seeing that the $50.00 was already eaten down to the $46.somethingorother that I'm left with after the transction fees.          :P

I just got the FARR update. This app definitely works.   ;D

EDIT: Whoops, I meant for this to be an edit to the above post. My bad.  :-[

Oh man, I really like the new foreground apps feature. I tested it out on a couple .exes that didn't show up before and sure enough, they started popping up in FARR. Nice one!  :Thmbsup:

Hey, thanks, everyone! How's everyone's weekend going? I've got the organization bug. Going through my music to rename files and update tags.

Thanks for the info, tomos!

A cool feature would be a toggle in the options to treat beta releases as regular updates.  ;)

Would make it a little easier for those who want to help test.

Whoa. Jethro Tull has never really been on my radar, but now they are! Thank you!

I've been on a huge funk spree lately. Listening to lots of Sly, Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, Commodores, Supertramp, Tower of Power, and of course Parliament/Funkadelic, etc...

I can't seem to get enough.

No posts in this forum since July 2013. I thought I'd change that by saying I just tried out DCUpdater by using it to install some new software and it appears to work flawlessly. Nothing has updated yet, though. We shall see.

It even detected my FARR plugins.   :)

I forgot to include how I got here. A few days ago, I realized that Launchy hasn't been updated for years, so I went hunting for something under active development. I sometimes use to find suggestions for apps and I headed over there. Well, FARR is the highest program on their list of alternatives. So, credit to them for sure.

Now I'm also running Screenshot Captor and Clipboard Help and Spell.

EDIT: "Modify" is another word for "edit". Doh!

This place is great. The more I lurk around, the more I like it.

I'm an IT/network admin in the southwest US. I've been a FLOSS junkie since I installed Yellow Dog Linux on my Powermac G4 in 2003. I built my first x86 box in 2004. It had an AMD 2800+, 4GiB of ram and I was STOKED about it. From there I went through ubuntu (That was 5.04, Hoary Hedgehog. I remember how awesome the upgrade to Breezy was. It fixed tons of bugs for me.), Mint, Gentoo, and Debian. I now run Parabola, and I think I found my home there. I used to be a KDE fan, but I really can't stand KDE 4. I'm now running Awesome WM and really loving it. It's fully customizable through Lua scripts, so I'm learning lots of Lua.

Personally, Windows provides me with entertainment in the form of games. Professionally, it provides money in that people will pay me to fix it. I think I probably end up using it about half the time, even on my main box. At work, I use it all the time as it's definitely a Microsoft shop.

Uh, what else? I'm really into music and I love everything from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Metal to Breaks to Classical and everything in-between. I collect headphones and build A/V ICs for friends. Right now, I'm listening to some Fats Domino through my AKG K7XX. Before that it was Biggie, and before that it was some Bach. Next up is a Nina Simone album called To Love Somebody.

Figured I'd try to participate more. Hope everyone has a great night!

Thanks so much for DC. I'm having a ball checking everything out.  :up:

I'm running 8.1, but I am unable to find any icons which don't display correctly. Are there any common offenders I can try? Notepad and Wordpad both work.

Sorry for the unhelpful "working-for-me" post.

This is slick! I just replaced Greenshot, which I was never really keen on.

This place is great. I wish I'd discovered DonationCoder earlier.

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR slow searching/pauses - tips
« on: April 23, 2015, 11:58 PM »
Seems to be the case with Defender as well.

I was having FARR become unresponsive for 8-15 seconds at a time on both of my home desktops. It would be very obvious because the actual Windows window decoration would show up around it during this time. This would only ever happen the first time I brought FARR up, I think. Both are i7 boxes with plenty of ram and SSDs.

But, it hasn't happened since I excluded FARR in Defender. Thanks, mouser!  :Thmbsup:

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