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Post New Requests Here / Not really an autohotkey request
« on: December 24, 2016, 02:28 PM »
IDEA: I have about 2000 short video clips made by various family members in a wide range of quality which I need to cull and get rid of defectives.

In Win 7, I be viewing them with Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 64 v1.7.10. As the software stands, I can load a bunch of them, view the first and press PgDn to view the next. When I see one that is worth keeping I can use the menu functions to make a copy of it in a new folder and then, ultimately, delete the original folder.

Since the DEL key isn’t doing anything in MPC it would be easier to use that to delete the unacceptable clip and have MPC automatically load the next one. I’d prefer to use only the DEL key rather than a normal hotkey combo.

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