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I see, thank you for your input.
Where would be the best place to learn C# other then taking up a class? Do you recommend any books, series or tutorials that i should see?

A very interesting article to read. Vivaldi looks pretty cool and it is bringing something different to the world of web browsers. I personally think the rewind feature would be awesome, although I am not convinced with the fast forward feature. I may use it from time to time but if I wanted to get to the next page of a post on a forum, I would just click next page. Why risk the possibility of not getting to the right next page like they advertise. Although it may be nice to view related articles on a blog.

Windows is also making a new browser called Spartan browser with a little helper called Cortana which is supposed to help you browser the web and suggest stuff to you by looking at your history, search habits etc. They will release it with Windows 10 which I greatly dislike. I wanted a better Windows 7, not a more improved Windows 8. They are also making "holo lenses" which I don't think everyday people will want to use, I wouldn't mind using it for a bit but not to replace my tv,computer and phone. However these are all different topics that can be discussed on other posts.

Overall I think Vivaldi is pretty cool and I may even use it when it comes out.

Thank you for your detailed and to the point reply.

How big are the differences between C# and C++? In terms of how easy to code (and pick up) and power? Would it be better to start with C++ for the extra power? (and what sort of things can C++ do that C# can't? I have seen a few games made with C#, not sure about applications though)

I will most likely go with either C++ or C#, I am choosing not to continue with Java for now as it does not have much application uses. Yes Java can make game applications, applications on mobiles and some  stuff on websites but when it comes to windows desktop applications, I don't really see anyone using Java. I already understand many of the basic concepts of programming from VB and Java (such as loops, if statements, for statements, variables, methods etc).

Regarding the site you introduced me to, it  looks pretty cool, they seem to have nice articles but not much of them are related to what i searched. However by going to the atricles tab, i was able to browser all different types of articles which I found interesting.

I personally use StackoverFlow for asking questions due to the large community. I would normally get a few replies within a few minutes to an hour and they generally get to the point and continue to assist me further if needed.

For learning to code I use W3Schools or CodeCademy. They both let you get straight in to writing code yourself. For Java and Visual Basic I went to a few classes and I learnt them from there.

What would be the best place, book, series etc that would be able to teach me C# or C++? I support the fact that actually going to a class is better and you will be more focused and motivated to learn. However I am not able to do that right now.
I want to learn one of the two listed above and be able to get into making a few games and applications.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to your reply.

Thanks for your reply! I will look into it.
What about programming in general? What would be the best to learn for general use, e.g to make stuff here and there.
What language do you code in personally? Also thank you for welcoming me to the forums, I have been browsering for a while and finally decided to join after reading a very lenghy, detailed,honest and mature post from the administrator.

Hey guys,
So I want to be able to make applications and auto bots (I want to make software that do some tasks for me without me having to do much, e.g copy and paste this here, take out these sections, then replace this etc... or click here then click here, that sort of thing) while I am also interested in applications which have a GUI and have multiple features.

I currently know the follow languages: HTML,PHP,CSS
I am also experienced and knowledgeable in the following: Studio and Java(I made a few games in Java)

I am wondering what would be the best language to learn to do this and where would be the best place to learn it online (in the form of a website,book,audio or video).
I was considering continuing with Java as it is a powerful language which has so much possibilities and is integrated with basically anything. Java is used in many industries such as the phone application industry and gaming industry, a few programs are also made in Java only.

I am also not interested in learning a terminal language as I will most likely never actually have a practical use for it myself. I have considered learning things like C,C++ and C# but i do not know which one to start with, many have recommended to start with C or C++.

Thanks for reading my topic and I look forward to your replies.

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