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Thanks much for the infos. It ended up working without rebooting… but I have no idea why :huh:

1. Tried to delete packet.dll from c:\windows\system32: "The action can't be completed because the file is open in FreemakeVideoCapture". The application wasn't running.

2. Show all processes (not just user's): FreemakeUtilsService.exe is running -> "Windows could not stop the FreemakeVideoCapture service on Local Computer. Error 1061: The service cannot accept control messages at this time."

3. Process Explorer failed finding any application using Packet.dll.

4. Tried again to delete Packet.dll: Worked! Tried again to run UrlSnopper install, including WinpCap installer: Worked!

I'll use RevoUninstaller the next time an upgrade of WinpCap is required.

Thank you.

Rebooted, tried again with all apps closed: Same result.

What should I do to investigate?

Thanks for the info.

There are no trace left of Winpcap under C:\Program Files, and the CLI Listdlls.exe application has no mention of "winpcap".

I guess I'll save everything and reboot (something I try to avoid because it takes a while to save/close/reload everything I have opened on my computer).


I tried upgrading to 2.39.01, but it fails upgrading Winpcap, even after manually removing the previous version manually through Control Panel:

WinPcap 4.1.3 Setup: A previous version of WinPcap has been detected on this system and cannot be removed because in use by another application. Please close all the WinPcap-based applications and run the installer again."

Since it doesn't say _which_ application is keeping Winpcap loaded, I don't know what to try.

Any idea?

Thank you.

UrlSnooper / [2.36.01] Suggestions
« on: November 30, 2014, 06:09 AM »

I currently use release 2.36.01 and have a couple of suggestions:

  • When right-clicking on a URL, add "Download" item: Unless I missed it, currently, URLSnooper doesn't provide a way to download a file. Currently, I have to use eg. VisualWGet to actually download the file
  • In the application, in the Help menu, add an item "Suggestions/Bugs" to point to relevant section of forum ( to make it easier for users to provide feedback


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