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You're right, I missed it because I never use the system tray icon since the top toolbar and the main window is so convenient. Would probably be more intuitive to add that option to the right-click context menu for the left preview pane on the main window in my opinion.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

What settings yield highest quality of screenshots? Currently, my tweaked settings don't seem to create screenshots that match the quality on what is displayed on the screen, which is mostly text. The text seems slightly blurred. Would a 1:1 quality screenshot possible (the screenshot and the actual screen looks exactly the same)?

Also, I can't seem to find a way to open the directory where I set the screenshot to be saved on Screenshot Captor. Could this be a feature request if it's not there already? Perhaps a right-click context menu button "Open screenshot directory" that opens the directory of wherever the screenshot was saved (either user-specified or directory specified in the settings)?

Thank you.

I was wondering if I can delete all my applications' log directory and replace it with a symlinked directory to a different hard drive. For example, my programs are installed in C drive and I want all the logs that are created by these applications to be stored on a separate drive. I don't see why this wouldn't work but I want to be sure there are absolutely no caveats or implications that I am not aware of. What are the worst-case (or bad) scenarios trying to do this? Off the top if my head, I can only imagine a scenario where an update to an application changes its log directory location and I did not find out--in that case, logs would still be saved and everything would still be working properly except that I would need to establish a new symlink.

Logs seem to not be a big deal because they don't affect the application, but what about symlinks for stuff like %APPDATA%, out of curiosity? I want to know why it would be dangerous to use symlinks in certain scenarios.


Screenshot Captor / Re: Potential Bugs
« on: September 25, 2015, 07:35 PM »
might it be that it's not that its on another monitor that is causing this behavior, but rather when the active window being captured is a CHILD widow and the parent is behind it?

Yea you're right. SC is on monitor #1 and I'm taking a screenshot of a child window in monitor #2 whose parent window is also on monitor #2--the portion of the background of the parent window is shown. It is not shown when the screenshot of the child window is taken at monitor #1 (with parent window still being on monitor #2). This is still a bug though, right?

  i'd love to hear if you can figure out a clue.. are the files being auto named uniquely?

Yea, using the naming scheme by SC. I just took like a total of 50 screenshots trying to figure out what's the issue but still have no idea. Again, something is really weird--Irfanview and Windows Photo Viewer are showing me two different things of the same photo, and this time, neither of the photos are exactly what I took (first 2 screenshots are exactly the same according to Windows Photo Viewer when they should be different and according to Irfanviewer, they are different but only because one being messed up (they still appear to be the same screenshot in this regard when they should be 2 different screenshots).

If you want to see what I mean, I can upload the 6 screenshots if you have both Irfanview and Windows Photo Viewer installed to see for yourself. The screenshots are simply settings of a Firefox addon (so you would know what screenshot I have taken and what it should be then be able to compare that to what is shown by the two image viewers.

Screenshot Captor / Potential Bugs
« on: September 20, 2015, 11:18 PM »
Potential bugs I've discovered:

1. I have the setting "Take Image of Active Window" enabled and is working as expected on the screen where SC was launched, but when I take a screenshot of a window on another monitor, a portion of the background of the active window is taken as well. This portion is a bit larger than the active window.

2. Not sure if my hard drive is too slow (7200 rpm, pretty average), but when I take screenshots one after the other at a decent pace (I make sure my file explorer updates to include the screenshot taken before I take the other and then take another screenshot maybe 2 seconds after), but some screenshots seem to be corrupted and some seem to contain a previous  screenshot overlapping it. A bizarre thing is that some of these overlapped screenshots appear fine using Windows's default image viewer as well as on SC but are overlapped when opened with IrfanView as well as Windows's File Explorer preview...

Also, 2 feature requests:

1. An option to close SC when clicking the red X button in the Quick-Capture bar (and if this option is implemented, consider that the button should not close Quick-Capture bar so that in the next launch, Quick-Capture bar is not closed by default). Whenever I use SC, I always have SC main window minimized and always have Quick-Capture bar enabled (auto-hide). I would take a bunch of screenshots using the Quick-Capture bar and then want to quick the program using it.

2. I was wondering if it's in consideration to incorporate the option to upload the screenshots to the very popular

Other than that, this is still a really great program.

1. Does FARR (while I'm at it, might as well ask about Screenshot Captor)  keep all its settings in one config file and if so, does that mean I am safe to just copy that one config file and replace it on a different machine to expect all things to work smoothly?

2. What is the difference between the installer version and the portable version? Typically, if an application has both versions, the installer version will install registries and possibly use that as its settings instead of in config file(s). Typically, the installer version is recommended (but I don't know why). Any advantages/disadvantages between both versions?

Find And Run Robot / Tooltip for a setting inaccurate
« on: November 22, 2014, 03:50 PM »
Tooltip of a setting found in Program Options -> Settings -> Folder Browsing called "Use generic icons for folders when browsing" uses the same tooltip as the setting before it called "Don't differentiate score files in explicit directory browsing mode" but the tooltip isn't relevant for that setting.

Thanks for responses, will check it out.

I'm an avid user of portable apps so one thing I test is whether an application supports relative pathing (it's a shame that there are portable applications that don't actually... given that they are portable). I found that FARR supported relative pathing but the icon for the shortcut of an application I added on the toolbar was lost/corrupted when I changed from absolute pathing to relative pathing. I don't know enough about this to be able to tell whether this is the nature of relative pathing or something that can be fixed for FARR. If I want to use relative pathing for all my applications, then I would have a bunch of identical corrupt icons on the toolbar.

By the way, if  mouser sees this:

Do you have any interest in creating a portable replacement for Windows Explorer? I was looking for one that supports tabs feature and maybe dual pane. Many of the popular ones I tried out looked awful and felt clunky. I found CubicExplorer: which actually looks decent, has an internal text file editor, video player, and PDF viewer. Unfortunately, development stopped over 2 years ago and users have since reported bugs, though nothing big hindering basic functions of the application. Actuaally, I found that the ability to add shortcut buttons on the interface to be extremely helpful on a windows explorer (shortcuts for most frequently used locations) and was disappointed that the alternatives I've tried did not allow me to change the paths of the pre-configured shortcut buttons for only the root of the drives (C:\, D:\, etc. only).


I use a a ton of portable applications on a ton of different computers (I'm a college student so I'm either on my desktop, laptop, or a public computer). On my desktop, let's say I have 3 partitions: a C drive, D drive, and E drive. On my laptop, I have 4 partitions. Public computers have 2 partitions. Let's say I want to run an application that lets me download videos to a folder ofthe drive where the portable applications are stored. Is it possible to make it so that the application always points to that drive regardless of what letter the drive was assigned? Currently, since I used the public computers last, the folder was in E:\Downloads (C and D were taken, so plugging in my hard drive assigned it E). At home, I don't want the application to download on E:\Downloads, where an E drive already exists--I want it to download to the same folder of the same drive where the portable applications were stored. Now imagine having this problem on a friend's computer, my laptop, and other computers...

A solution I've used with in the past was to assign the external drive to a letter that I know for sure I won't be using, such as Z, Y, or X drive so that applications will always point to the external hard drive where the portable applications are on and where I want the downloads to be. However, settings and changes made on public computers are never saved so this solution will not work.

I did some brief googling and read something called "symbolic links"--not sure if it is relevant to my situation.


Fantastic, thanks for the quick reply. No rush!

I am an avid user of open source software and so the development of the applications I use is of concern to me. Due to the nature of open source applications, there are many alternatives for a type of program, but many of these alternatives are just side projects for the developers and eventually abandoned. FARR is great but has not received a stable update for nearly a year. I almost didn't try FARR because the homepage says the latest release was the current version was Jan. 7, 2013--I had to dig deeper and realize that the actual date of release was Nov 29, 2013 according to the thread on the releases of FARR and that Jan. 7, 2013 was not the correct date.

My question now is: Is FARR still being actively developed? I used Keybreeze before but Keybreeze 4 has been in beta for over 2 years so I had to make a switch. I realize that the community is still somewhat active, but that means little if the development itself has stopped or come to a crawl.


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