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  • October 19, 2019, 05:25 AM
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Comodo Firewall is alright, considering it is free. Most of the advanced options are for tech heads who know what they're doing with regards to personal online protection. There latest release however, version is a total mess. Custom rules aren't remembered from within the program and as such, a security leak has been developed with regards to out going programs. One other thing and I have written to them about this. Has anyone noticed that when running Comodo on either Windows 7 or 8.1, you notice a huge slowdown when running batch files. I made and use a batch file to clear the event logs of both Platforms when I need to. Without Comodo installed, the batch file takes all of ten seconds to run. Install Comodo and watch that slow to almost two minutes, expecially with Windows 8.1. Comodo tried to put the blame back on me, stating the speed a batch file runs depends on how potent your CPU is. Well, I'm running a AMD FX 9590 and there's nothing slow about that little job. When I informed them of this, they must have thought I was telling a bit of bullshit and demanded I send  copies of my system info, Comodo logs, etc to prove I was telling the truth. They at least had the balls to apologize for the problem and said it would be fixed by their software engineers with later releases. Joke of the year I think. The Firewall is free, so I really can't see them paying their people to fix a little problem like that. Other than that though the program is not too bad. At least the option for developing custom rule sets is there and they work , along with the option to export your rules as a XML file. Just be careful of what version you use.

Fifty six years young from New Zealand. Was an artist/musician, but due to age and a few other factors that swing around the "Bummer" area, I'm now forced to live on a pension and heavy duty pain killers that enable movement without the need of a wheelchair. Moved to Australia some twenty six years ago and have been here since. Love computers and reading up on the latest technologies :graduate:. Listen to a large variety of music, sometimes all night, rather than sit and reflect on my past in silence.

Was extremely happy :-* in a marriage that lasted for thirty three years, before I had to let my soul mate go, due to her body undergoing multiple organ failure :(.

Love gaming still. I believe it helps to keep the brain active and reflexes sharp. Though I'm not as capable as I was, I still like to help others when I can. Anything really, rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself and allowing the negative crap that has happened over the past few years rule my life. Bit of a rebel still. But nothing like what I was like as a teenager :tease:. Love animals and have a little male Tibetan Spaniel called Maestro as a companion. He has proven himself to be so intelligent and loyal, that I really don't know what I'd do without his company these days :-*. To me, he's everything most humans aren't :Thmbsup:. Well, I've probably bored the living hell out of everyone who has taken the time to read this. So I'll say hi, be well to all and sign off.

Hi pencoe, thanks heaps for the link to the emergency app for android. Very much appreciated. Have a good one.

Great idea starting to play with Android Apps. Would you think about making a emergency app that is capable of GPS location as well as sending a sms to either a person or people of your choice. I live on heavy duty opiate based pain killers and have to wear a emergency bracelet in case my back gives out and I hit the deck, then can't get to the phone. It's great for around the house, but as soon as I go outside or travel, the bracelet becomes useless. I have found three Android apps that will let one contact emergency services if needed, but they aren't capable of contacting family members or friends to either come and help, or simply let them know where I am located and what condition I'm in. One free, the other two are to be paid for. So if someone would be kind enough to create an Android App as described above, I and many others would be extremely grateful. I am thinking someone's going to argue, but wouldn't it be best to simply contact emergency services first, then think about contacting family and friends second. Which is fair enough. But there are times when things go wrong, but not bad enough to go calling those services. Anyway, just an idea. Thanks.

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