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Back to the original question of this thread, how many people did not find a certain review helpful: I might be missing something, but I think it doesn't have anything to do with being logged in or not (as was suggested in this thread). And I'm pretty sure the counter is still being updated as before. It's just not shown by default anymore. Now you have to click on the review title to get to a single page with only this one review on it, e.g.

As you can see,
19 of 20 people found the following review helpful

I don't understand why "def" not yet have tested SetACL Studio - his "IDEA" is clearly not that easy to bring alive.


how to delete this empty file?
Try this - download SetACL Studio (which has a 30 day free trial) and navigate to the folder and see exactly what's there. This is useful software -
- "useful software"; you can say that again! It didn't ask any questions, but deleted the empty file just like it would have deleted any other file. BRAVO! Thank you, x16wda,   :Thmbsup: 
(but of course, normal price is €90 - so it should be able to do a lot more than those freeware apps)

Try SetACL Studio

Yea, now I'm feeling guilty.  :-[

There are several reasons why I didn't test it (which are my own faults - not saying that SetACL Studio was bad in any way).

Firstly, I underestimated the work that would be required for programming this by a huge margin (hence I suggested it as a Coding Snack which was clearly a mistake). Secondly, I have tried to find freeware instead of payware for a task that I'd probably only need once in my life. Thirdly, after trying out several freeware tools that failed on this task, I was sure that any tool that didn't explicitly advertise "can handle file names with illegal characters" is not worth a try. Fourthly, SetACL Studio gave the impression (to me, at least) that it has only something to do with security permissions and not file names. Fifthly, SetACL Studio is payware - now, I'm not generally opposed to paying for software, but if I'd pay for a lot of features that I don't need (or that I don't even understand, for that matter), then I'm being reluctant. And sixthly, the problem wasn't that urgent to begin with, i.e. if no easy free/cheap solution comes about, reinstalling Linux is good enough for me.

Sorry for my ambiguous stance on this and, again, thanks for all your input. It's nice to know that according to Curt, SetACL Studio works for such files.  :)

Would be interested in knowing if SetACL Studio will work for this. It has a 30 day trial that ought to give you enough time to try it.
Probably not, as it's not a permission/security problem, although I have not tested this particular tool. Generally, when tools try to delete my test file they complain that there (supposedly) is no such file. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

However, I do have tested a bunch of deletion/renaming tools suggested on the internet. None worked.  :-\  :D

Most problems with "illegal" characters are related to exceeding the Windows file/path name length limits or funny symbols from Unicode file names (and missing fonts). As stated above, the chkdsk trick doesn't work for me. I have even tried to delete the whole containing folder, but no luck.

The only option seems to be the special tool DelinvFile, but I think $31.95 (USD) is a bit much...

Anyway, in the meantime I have reinstalled Linux (not just because of this problem, btw), so I will remove the files in question bit by bit.

Concluding I would like to say thanks to you all for your kind help. Feel free to suggest more solutions, maybe they can help other users with the same problem, although I personally will use Linux to remove all problematic files left. Thanks again.  :Thmbsup:

Does it rename those "nearly impossible" files? There was that thread a few weeks ago with the one that resisted like seven of the usual tricks.
If you are referring to my thread about files/folders with illegal characters (inserted by Linux' NTFS-3G) then no, it doesn't rename such files. (I had not expected the tool would accomplish this, anyway, as handling illegal characters is not advertised on the utility's home page and it is certainly not a common feature with file renamers on Windows.)

Try running chkdsk.exe /f on the volume, it can sometimes fix these problems by removing the (illegally named) file.

If the file gets deleted, it might be reincarnated (with a new name) by looking at any filecheck.* that was created.
I tried this, alas the drive (partition) is truecrypted, and chkdsk refuses working on it as another process (probably TrueCrypt) is accessing it, thus it insists on releasing the partition and subsequently chkdsk-ing it (who knows what that will do that to the partition?). Which is all the more surprising considering that according to the TrueCrypt documentation, using chkdsk should be possible on TrueCrypt volumes...

See if this answer is any help


The filename looks like it is created from a URL.  Somewhere on AHK forum I got this function

PathCreateFromURL( URL )
  if (! URL)
  return ""
 VarSetCapacity( fPath, Sz := 2084, 0 )
 DllCall( "shlwapi\PathCreateFromUrl" ( A_IsUnicode ? "W" : "A" )
     , Str,URL, Str,fPath, UIntP,Sz, UInt,0 )
 return fPath

If you pass in a string with the filename it should spit out an acceptable Windows filename or an empty string on error.

Edit: for example

URL := "file://c|MyFolder/yaddyadda.txt"
fname := PathCreateFromURL(URL)
MsgBox % fname

Well, these might help in the future. Interestingly, NTFS-3G (this Linux thingy that writes files to NTFS drives) also seems to have an option windows_names that should be default anyway, IMHO. Which it currently isn't, at least not in the Linux distro that I tried.

You could go at it from the other direction.  Copy all files with Windows legal names you want to keep from the thumb drive to some other storage.  Format the thumb drive erasing all data.
Yea, that's clearly possible.
However, I think I have more files and drives with similar problems. Maybe the easiest would be to reinstall Linux...!  ;D

Anyway, thanks for your efforts.  :)

I would try ls using a pattern so that only the file(s) you wish to delete match.  Then use the same pattern with rm.  For example
ls -l How*

$ ls -l
ls: cannot access How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User-Dateien: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html: No such file or directory
total 19940148
----rwx---+ 1 def None    2304492 Dec 24  2007 9783827241993bsp.pdf
(several other files...)
-?????????? ? ?   ?             ?            ? How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html
d?????????? ? ?   ?             ?            ? How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User-Dateien
(several other files...)

$ ls -l How*
ls: cannot access How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User-Dateien: No such file or directory

$ rm -r How*
rm: cannot remove ‘How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html’: No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove ‘How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User-Dateien’: No such file or directory

Somehow even Cygwin chokes on this file name...

There are Linux win32 utilities that have bash shell with ls and rm commands.  I haven't used it in some time.  I'm not sure which is the latest or most friendly to Windows newer than XP.  Once the bash shell is running just use rm command to remove files and/or folders

I downloaded Cygwin but it couldn't delete the file in question:

How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html                      
How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User-Dateien

$ rm "How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html"
rm: cannot remove ‘How can I fix_repair a corrupted PDF file? - Super User.html’: No such file or directory

Have you tried Unlocker
Just tried it. Doesn't work ("no locking handle found").

I'm just wondering how the files get created with illegal names in the first place.  It seems strange.
In my case it's a file and a folder on a USB drive, from a time when I experimented with Linux. At this time I only use Windows, thus I recognize how tedious such a file can be...

A Windows utility to rename and/or delete files/folders with illegal characters in their names (e.g. question marks etc.). On the internet, I've mostly found clumsy workarounds such as setting up a Linux VM, trying chkdsk /f, or even trying 8.3 names (if they are not disabled).

The only dedicated tool I have found in a quick web search is DelinvFile (have not tried it myself) which costs $31.95 (USD) and which seemingly offers to at least delete such files/folders (not sure about renaming).

Interesting challenge?

General Software Discussion / Re: The impossible thing software
« on: January 26, 2015, 04:15 PM »
A software that automatically orders presents from eBay, gift-wraps and sends them to my friends and relatives, along with a personalized greeting card... I think that would be AI at its best. And pretty scaring indeed.  :'(  ;D

General Software Discussion / Re: Beware of download sites
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:58 AM »
It doesn't matter what download site you use. The people that make the freeware are the ones bundling things.
Yes, some download sites make it worse by bundling on top of the bundling.
(Lowell Heddings, January 11, 2015)

That still doesn't clear it up.  Especially with the highlighted part.  That's saying the exact opposite, i.e. that the developers are the ones doing the bundling.

Precisely. Had Lowell Heddings not pointed that out in the comments, I wouldn't have realized it, since in the article itself it's not obvious if the crapware comes from the freeware programmers or from the download sites' installers.

Lowell Heddings claims (again, in the comments):

Forums are full of recommendations for software that is doing bundling.

That is exactly why we are trying to bring the problem to the attention of geeks so they will stop recommending freeware to people without doing serious research and linking to a completely safe source.... although that source might not even stay safe.

I mean SourceForge is bundling now. You can't even trust them.

Don't worry though, we will continue to illustrate the problem, which is much deeper than you want to admit.

General Software Discussion / Re: Beware of download sites
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:45 AM »
The title of this post is exactly what freeware authors fear -- that our software will get a bad reputation because of some bad sites.

The lesson is not to beware freeware -- it's to beware these third party download sites.

This is not what the linked article is about. The author clears that up in the comments section:

It doesn't matter what download site you use. The people that make the freeware are the ones bundling things.
Yes, some download sites make it worse by bundling on top of the bundling.
(Lowell Heddings, January 11, 2015)

Living Room / Searching for 'Love' on YouTube
« on: August 30, 2014, 04:06 AM »
Recently I was following an interesting discussion on a German-language internet forum about YouTube search facilities which can really be lacking once in a while. The thread starter is searching for a video which is simply called 'Love' - well, just 'Love' and nothing else, and that seems to be a problem.

Google/YouTube and every mainstream search engine will not only include titles that exactly match the search term itself, but also every title that contains the search term - which is a shedload for a run-of-the-mill word like 'love' (the aforementioned thread starter gives 'Love hurts' and 'Pain in der Arsch, pocket full of cash - a grand love theme' as examples) - and there is simply no way around it. If you google around for the problem you will learn that Google's idea of 'exact match' in a title is that the search term exactly matches the title or part of the title. No filter is available that limits results to really exact title matches.

I am truly baffled how in this day and age such a glaring omission in search abilities can persist. Anyone here knows a solution?

For your own entertainment and if you happen to speak German, you can read the discussion thread that inspired this topic yourself at Youtube - Exakter Name als Filter oder so.

Javelin seems to be a DRM files reader, not an utility to produce super protected pdf files.

Drumlin seems also a reader. Are a method to read pdf files when you have the code, but are not the program to protect the pdf o create the pdf protected.


Drumlin ist exactly the software that you need: "The secure versions of PDF files are created using our Drumlinsoftware, which is also free." (cited from

Download here:

See also here: (how this DRM stuff works)

I mean "Digital Rights Management" (DRM), i.e. copy protection. Many e-book vendors use it to protect books (although the term DRM is not restricted to e-books). There are several (incompatible) DRM schemes. Essentially, the PDF is encrypted and can only be viewed if the PDF creator allows it. To open a DRM protected PDF one needs a special PDF reader application (usually provided free of charge by the vendor that sells the DRM solution).

2 PDF DRM solutions (both prevent screenshots of a protected PDF):

Drumlin Security (free of charge, at least the last time I looked)
LockLizard (very expensive)

No idea if this is what you're looking for.

If you want to protect a PDF, you can try a DRM solution. DRM makes copying and/or editing a PDF somewhat harder, and some DRM implementations are even intended to prevent screenshots (so no OCR possible unless someone cracks/removes the DRM).

But I'm not sure from this thread if protecting a PDF is actually your goal.

How can one write an article about copy accelaration utilities and then forget to mention the exact Windows version used?

"Windows version: Windows Home 64 bit."

Very meaningful indeed...

Living Room / Re: Why ebooks are bad for you
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:49 PM »
One thing that I think hasn't been mentioned so far in this thread is that sometimes the e-books are put together in a thoughtless way. While e.g. the printed equivalent of a programming book might come with a CD-ROM that contains addional chapters (that just didn't fit in the book) one can be pretty sure that these chapters are not available in the e-book (have seen it myself in an actual programming e-book).

Personally, I find the comprehensive software reviews the most useful thing here on DonationCoder. Alas, most software reviews naturally become obsolete after just a few years, which happened to some reviews on DonationCoder as well. Certainly it would take serious effort to update them, so I don't see that happening any time soon.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: (another) Linkman Review
« on: April 10, 2011, 11:16 AM »
jaden, thank you so much for this comment.  i almost felt like no one was reading these.  I am a little embarrassed to admit how much effort I put into these reviews.
Just to make sure you won't stop writing reviews (:D), let me chime in and say that just because of your review I'm going to give Linkman (light) a try. Thanks for pointing it out.  :Thmbsup:

Developer's Corner / Re: How to program for all 3 platforms at once
« on: December 16, 2010, 02:14 PM »
I've heard Adobe AIR mentioned a lot lately.  What code does it use?  Java?

As far as I can tell, AIR supports different technologies, so the developer can use the one that he is most familar with:

  • Flash Player (the developer can use Flash Builder, formerly known as Flex)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript (rendered using the WebKit engine)
  • PDF. However, I heard the PDF support in AIR is weak.

Developer's Corner / Re: How to program for all 3 platforms at once
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:50 PM »
The most interesting RealBasic/Real Studio feature is IMHO that one can compile standalone executables without having access to the other platforms (especially the Mac since I don't have one).

Are there other compilers or IDE's with such a feature?

Maybe you already know this, but just in case: Adobe's web page Flash Player Version Check is a quick way to identify both the currently installed version and the newest available one.

Other ways of finding out the installed version of Flash Player are cumbersome IMHO.

I notice that nobody uses WinRK. What do you think? I heard the stability should have improved a lot compared to previous versions. Anyone tried the demo of the current version yet? On the other hand, I'm not sure WinRK is still actively developed - the newest version ist two years old now...

I currently use StuffIt on WinXP currently, but only because I found the StuffIt CD before I downloaded 7-Zip. I guess if I encounter a 7z archive I will replace StuffIt with 7-Zip - always liked the lean 7-Zip better than this bloated file manager, backup scheduler, e-mail, FTP... and *cough* compression package called StuffIt...

PKware seems to follow the WinZip path:
PKWARE's APPNOTE.TXT Version: 6.3.0 covers now LZMA and PPMd support

As a consequence, both will probably be implemented in 7-Zip since Igor Pavlov uses PKware's Zip specification. See also:



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