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update: for SQL server management studio at least, my search is over. Apex SQL Complete does exactly what I needed and it is a free tool. It has a snippet feature where you can define variables to be prompted for user to enter.

I gave up and decided to use Ars Clipboard for now. If it doesn't work, I'll check out PhraseExpress

I reviewed some of those thread but couldn't find anything useable. Lots of AutoHotKey based solutions that doesn't survive the time test, even if you try to recompile with the latest AutoHotKey. Maybe I'll write my own one day if I get enough frustrated and motivated :)

Thanks for your help

just checked out Ka Type In. That's exactly the type of application I was looking for. Unfortunately it worked in notepad but failed in SSMS query window. Any other suggestion similar to this?

I was looking for a for free / open source version. The closest simple app I got word expander which does not support variables unfortunately. The other option is ArsClip but it is more of a clipboard manager application though it has permanent clip feature with variables and also hard to grasp at once. Others are AutoHotKey type applications.

There does not seem to be any simple dedicated free snippet code manager with variable support out there. Maybe @mouser or someone from this community will take the challenge.

Hi everyone.

Wondering what you guys are using, if any, for storing code snippets. I'd like to able to type a keyword and hit a special keyboard shortcut and voila, my code snippet is pasted into whatever application window I'm typing in. It would be best if it would let you define parameters that can change within the snippet. I mainly need this when I write ad-hoc SQL queries but love to be able to use it in any application.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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