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When typing in a text box, what if the mouse wheel would move the cursor bar left or right when you rolled up or rolled down?  (up = left, down = right)

It would be important to only override the wheel function when a text entry box is in focus.

Maybe this is do-able with Auto Hot Key? Maybe no?

Dunno if the apps are ".net" but here's a handy tool I use all the time

"Hawkeye .Net Runtime Object Editor"

Hey did you ever find any help with this?  I would like the same thing!
(see https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=15973.0)

You want to play a local video file, right?

I tried making a ASX Tool app (in .Net) to do this but it seems to run strangely,... like ASX's weren't made to keep playing the same file over and over again.  (I guess you could copy the video into different file names, one for each snippet you want to play... although I haven't tried this.)

Let me know what you've done/found.  I could give you a copy of my little tool if you want to try it out for yourself.

First, check out "BattCursor" and see the little tool Mr. Baumann has created.  It changes the mouse cursor to show the remaining batter life on a laptop.  However, I think it would be cool to also change the mouse cursor depending on....

  • CPU usage?
  • % Free Memory?
  • Countdown to your next appointment in Outlook? 
  • Number of unread new mail in outlook?

I contacted the developer and he thinks another application/implementation would be better.

What about you guys? Can this be done with AHK?

I use "Shell Object Editor" (in XP) that puts a folder reference (hardlink, live usable reference) under "My Computer" at the same level that C:\ and other drives are at.  Love it.  

Also, this way I can use the vertical windows built-in "places" bar to get to my folders easily in dialog boxes.

Shell Object Editor

Windows 2000+XP+later only!
This program does not and will never work with Windows 9x or NT4!

for new versions go to


mail: [email protected]

I ask about "which type of icons" on the desktop because the Noguchi Filing system is about organizing documents, not tools (applications) to create/modify documents. 

Anyway, I think Windows has a "Most Recently Used" Application feature, somewhere.... maybe I'll look around for it.

Yeah, give "group by modified" a try in the Windows explorer first to get a feel for what it does.

Are you saying you would like something to automatically check to see if there is a process already running (like looking in taskmgr.exe) and then show a red icon if it is running or a green icon if it is not running?  Where on the screen would you expect to see the light icon?

This may by helpful:  "Process Explorer 9.12" by Mark Russinovich is a program I use to look at running processes.  There are other process monitors that let you see what is running.  Have you tried something like this? 

I've written I've put together a small tool that that adds a menu called "Rename-Mod date" to the windows right click context menu for files.  When selected, it changes the name to include the date and time the file was last modified at the end.  I use this every day and found it quite useful - has solved my "what to name the existing file to" problem!

Read the instructions.txt file.  (sorry there is only one reg file to run  :-[)

Note: I didn't write the original vbs file that is used in this.  I modified something I found on the net.  Sorry I can't remember where it is from.

I have a question and a suggestion, (if it is okay to have both   :-[)

When you say "desktop icons" are you referring to document files on your desktop or short cuts to the applications you use?

Suggestion: (assuming you are referring to document files)
In Windows XP and on, you can group documents in a folder by date by:

Switch to Details View
Select View - Arrange Icons by Modified
Select View - Arrange Icons "Show in Groups"

This puts a few vertically arranged categories up for you:  Today, Yesterday, Two Months ago, etc.  So what happens is, is that your icons are grouped by when you worked on them last.  I use this for every folder I work in and it works great.  It sort of follows the Nogouchi file system you mentioned.

The only problem is that you can't use this view on the "Desktop" per se, unless you open a windows explorer window, and then open the "Desktop" folder from there. 

Hope that is helpful.

Developer's Corner / Re: "Folder Shortcuts" in Windows
« on: January 16, 2009, 05:15 PM »
In my opinion, HardLinks are better because they are way lower level, closer to the read/write processing of the disc.  (linux has a similar feature, can't remember the name)

What you are describing sounds really high level at the operating system (GUI level?) especially if you're dealing with INI files.  In my experience over the years (starting in win 95!) you might want to steer clear folder level INIs.  Just my two cents.

Living Room / Re: Email etiquette How to Decline Fowards/Junk?
« on: January 16, 2009, 02:09 PM »
Well, her response led me to believe that she didn't care. She basically said that I should expect to receive e-mails sent to tons and tons of people because of my major. But then I received another mass e-mail from her and even though there were still about 15 people in the To: field, they all appeared (to me) to be staff, and my e-mail address was not visible. So it worked!

Reminds me of the Scrubs episode I watched last night!   People are funny that way.

Developer's Corner / Re: Free Hosting that allows Javascript?
« on: January 16, 2009, 10:43 AM »
dcmembers space of course :)

I just don't know how many hits I'd be getting.  What are the storage and hits limit for dcmembers space?  I really only have a few KB to store, but I want to share the link with at least a dozen friends and family.  Maybe more?  I mean, I appricieate the offer, but I don't want to be a bad house guest!

Developer's Corner / Re: "Folder Shortcuts" in Windows
« on: January 16, 2009, 10:35 AM »
Are you talking about HardLinks?

If so, ...  I use a utility by Hermann Schinagl called "HardLink ShellExt".  He has some reference material that installs with his app, maybe there's enough info for you to automate it. 

(googled it)...


Developer's Corner / Free Hosting that allows Javascript?
« on: January 16, 2009, 10:27 AM »
Does anyone know of a free website hosting service that let's you host your own HTML pages, including pages that run Javascript?

I have a MSN "Space" and also a Google Page, but I don't think they let me do my own html files with Javascript.

(I hope this hasn't been asked before, I did do a "search" before posting.  8))


Living Room / Re: Email etiquette How to Decline Fowards/Junk?
« on: January 08, 2009, 01:02 PM »
Hey folks, just an FYI I found this informational web page that you can link people to that send you spam/junkmail:

oh here's another one:

Living Room / Re: Email etiquette How to Decline Fowards/Junk?
« on: December 10, 2008, 02:58 PM »
Just wondering a bit about how you use your  "forwards address"...

Do you make it similar to your "real address" : [email protected]?
Do you check the mail in it?
If so, do you use an email client to get both accounts?


Living Room / Re: Email etiquette How to Decline Fowards/Junk?
« on: December 10, 2008, 10:01 AM »
 :Thmbsup: Thanks for the advice, here is what I said:

Dear "So and so",

Since this email address is my "main" address that I like to keep tidy would you please not send "FWDs" or "pass along stories"?



We'll see if I offend them!  Hopefully not.

Living Room / Email etiquette How to Decline Fowards/Junk?
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:31 PM »
I need some Email etiquette advice, perhaps with a technical solution!  :P

I don't know about anyone else but sometimes the people on my "Safe" email list (Safe as in not Junk mail senders) send me junk mail.  I would like an email feature that would allow me to send an official reply when people do this to me that looks like:

The email message "FWD:  Slow Dance, Please read this, don't delete!" could not be delivered to the following recipients:

[email protected]

Reason:  SPAM Email Rejection

Would it be rude for me to reply like this from my real email address?
Does anyone know of a program that could do this, or perhaps an online email service that I could send this from?  I think it would be cool if an email client had a "Polite Decline" feature that could send a response like this.

I don't want to block this sender, but I also don't want the occasional junk mail either!

Maybe I should suck it up and just ask them to not send it like a real person?  :-[

Help!, Thanks!


FYI, "asx" files let you specify sequences of media files to play.

A friend and I had a idea and I wanted to see how feasible it sounds to you folks, and also which DVD Player software (VLC, xine, WMP?) might be a good fit:

A plug in that lets users load/save small "play sequence" files (XML) that is simply a list of start and stop play times for a specific movie?  Play "00:01:00 to 00:23:33", "00:25:55 to 2:02:55", etc.  The plug in would simply play the ranges described in the play sequence file one after another.

I imagine the plug in would have to activate after decoding an decompressing.  It should be fairly high level, I hope.

Sound easy? Sound hard?  Which DVD Player software would be the best to handle this type of plug in?


Living Room / Re: Any old Amiga users among us?
« on: December 07, 2007, 12:22 PM »
I cut my programming teeth on our Vic 20, C64 and then Amiga 500.  Wow, what a machine!, just wish I could get some of my old programs off those single density disks!

Post New Requests Here / Re: change cursor appearance
« on: October 02, 2007, 09:54 AM »
Okay, I think I know what happened, maybe you didn't set the "hot spot"?  Try these!

I made an animated one because I kept loosing the little dot.  So now it changes color just a little bit.

Post New Requests Here / Re: change cursor appearance
« on: October 01, 2007, 03:34 PM »
I'm not sure which file is the default I beam, but I think you are looking for cursor functionality that is not possible by changing the cursor.  You seem to want the editor to decide where to put your cursor if you click on the middle of a character. right? You click in the left "region" of a character you want the cursor to move left.  You click the right "region" of a character you want the cursor to move right.  Does that explain what you are looking for? 

The image used as the cursor won't change how the editor handles text selection, it could only help you click... more precisely, perhaps.  Sorry I I misunderstood your earlier posts. :-[

Post New Requests Here / Re: change cursor appearance
« on: September 28, 2007, 09:28 AM »
I'm not sure what you mean by finding the center, or which white animated one you are referring to.  But my IBeam icons are in C:\WINDOWS\CURSORS\  and there's about 10 files that are i beams.  libeam.cur, beam_r.cur, etc.

Post New Requests Here / Re: change cursor appearance
« on: September 27, 2007, 02:45 PM »
kalos, try this "minimalist" horizontal beam for Text Select.  You'll need to save it somewhere on your comp first and then use Mouse, Pointer to browse for it.  (I had to zip it first, because its an ani file)

lemme know is this is helpful

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