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  • Monday March 30, 2020, 9:10 am
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I understand the things you point out, and you need not worry about me taking your opinions seriously. I am a CMD addict and do not have a lot in common with nice GUI things and the like. My primary goal is for something to function well first, and then look somehow. I am 18 years old and this is one of my very first GUI programs and I value your opinion and advice, even when they are not very kind.

As to the appearance of Drive Letter policies dialog - I have another arrangement I am about to present you soon. The arrangement that had been born in my mind at the very beginning, and which I rejected very early for some reason. Now it seems the best to me. I feel I need to change it, because I got lost in these drives myself; there's to big text density.

@Shades: Thank you for a very constructive reply.

I look forward to you reporting your feelings about this little project.


Drive Policies Management Toolkit is an advanced Windows drive policies query and management utility. It enables the end-user to hide, prevent access to or selectively disable Autorun for particular drive letters. Furthermore, it supports drive type Autorun disable policy. You can also set the USB Write Protect policy: turn it on, turn it off or un-define. It is possible to generate a .reg file with settings you specify in the program.

Main window (skip the green rectangle):

Drive letter selective policies:

NoDriveTypeAutoRun control window:

USB Write Protect control window:


Window for REG file generating:

Hi all,

some time ago I wrote about a project I had been about to start working on. I went "underground" for a while or two, or seventy, but now I come up with something that I believe is mature enough to be called a beta. There is only one feature that remains to be developed, which will rely on features that are already out there.

I won't comment on its GUI anymore. I spent way too much time thinking and rethinking over this.

What I would like you to do would just be to give this little program a try. Your thoughts, bug reports (unless I've caught the biggest ones), whatever. For someone else to run it and write something about it. I am still working on some kind of ReadMe. Below I enclose the part of it that will be useful to you.

You can have all program windows opened at once. For those of you who did not pay a lot of attention to drive policies: open Drive Letter Selective Policies window and NoDriveTypeAutoRun window (don't change anything in them, just open them). Then, open Settings window, click the checkbox at its bottom and look how the values in the other two windows are changing.

NoDriveTypeAutoRun handler window allows to restore system's default value of NoDriveTypeAutoRun. I would be really thankful for information whether the program properly recognizes your operating system ("Select default" button).

The program allows to generate .REG files with the settings you change in the program. All of the settings are remembered during program's workflow - you can close its windows, open them again and your settings will be there. The program is designed to make it impossible to close its main window when different windows are opened - the user needs to close all windows of the program in order to terminate it.

When you get lost in the wild of windows, it's enough to find main window of the program and click the button to bring the window you're trying to reach to top.
I will also be glad for your grammar reports, English is not my native language and yet I have to learn a lot.

Wow, quick reaction. Thank you mouser and skwire for your suggestions. Same fact of that I needed to make a poll for it suggests I'd better think over doing it different way.

Hi all,

I am a young man trying to find his destiny in programming and I am very pleased to have found a forum like this.

I have been a plain programmer for some time but it was recently when I released my first window application officially. It is a shell extension for one of hex editors.

I code mainly in assembly.
Now I am to develop a robust, insanely fast application to handle drive policies in Windows. Its name will be Drive Policies Management Toolkit (short: dpolmgmt). It will be a GUI to NoDrives, NoViewOnDrive, NoDriveAutoRun, NoDriveTypeAutoRun, WriteProtect (StorageDevicePolicies). I know, you will say, there are many alternatives out there already, but my program will combine all of them in one place. For instance, GTweak already supports it, it has in fact been written by me. It will be 100% free.

One of the reasons I came here is to ask you about arrangement of controls. I don't mean the whole GUI, just the wall of check boxes that will be in it. (To be concise, there will probably be 2 walls of checkboxes, for both local machine and user registry settings.)
I made up 5 variants, I have set up a poll and I would like you to state which one of the 5 suits you best. I will probably make it possible to switch between arrangements, but it will depend on how you'll vote, because in my narrow environment the results weren't clear.

The poll: http://freeonlinesur...4495095&new=True

My act is named pax software development, and its website is
Thank you for reading this to the very end. Thank you again if you voted.


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