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Hi mouser,
ok my try for a step by step description:

  • open Preferences an make sure the option 'Advanced Tweaking › Miscellaneous Tweaks › Don't Auto Save Captures' ist not checked
  • make sure, the 'Default DPI' is set to 96 and the 'Post Capture Options › Copy to clipboard: is set to 'Image bitmap'
  • Accept the changes
  • Make a screenshot an paste it into an Outlook message (or in a document of another 'DPI-sensing' application like Word)
  • The pasted image will appear 1:1 in the Outlook message because Outlook works internally with 96 DPI and the image has 96 DPI as well

3. Now to the bug
  • open the preferences again, go to 'Advanced Tweaking › Miscellaneous Tweaks › Don't Auto Save Captures' and check this option
  • Accept the changes
  • Now make another screenshot an paste it into the same Outlook message (or Word document)
  • The image will appear much more smaller than before because the screenshottsed image was wrongly set to 300 DPI (I found out with Photoshop)

I guess there is a step in the save procedure, that sets the image to the desired DPI and that step is missing, when Auto Saving is switched off. Just an assumption.
Hope that helps you.



I'm used to only paste screenshots or screen snippets into mails or design apps and not to save it.
So I have usually checked the Option "Don't Auto Save Captures" (Advanced Tweaking › Miscellaneous Tweaks).
But for a few versions (sorry, can't say the exactly version) the images from clipboard will pasted with 300 DPI instead of 96 DPI.
In Outlook or other DPI-sensing applications the images appear (naturally) far too small.

My default DPI is set to 96 DPI but it will ignored as far as the checkbox for "Don't Auto Save Captures" is checked.

I guess it's a bug, isn't it?

Best regards,

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