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Thanks, I'll check out those 2 apps - they might be easier than the one I currently use.

Another suggestion:

I'm not sure if this might be better served by a separate app entirely, but might be handy if it's incorporated into sPlaylistmaker as well.

Allow the user to rename the media files based on the contents of a text file and then create the playlist from the renamed media.

Often I get collections of files that are just numbered 01 to xx but I then find out what their *proper* names should be and find myself doing a lot of work to rename these files to their proper descriptive names.  I can usually get the correct names into a text file (1 per line) to match the media files so having some way to automatically merge the correct names onto the existing files would save a lot of renaming work.

I have a file renaming utility that can do this albeit in a clumsy way - maybe you could find a elegant and simple solution?

eg: If i have a collection of files named 01.mp4 to 20.mp4 and a corresponding text file with 20 lines which each line representing a 1:1 match to the file list, I want to rename these 00-20 files to the names in my text list (names only, not extensions).

I hope that makes sense.

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip
« on: July 29, 2014, 12:01 AM »
Uhhhh...anything that mEncoder can process?   :D  I've tested with FLV, MP4, AVI, and MKV.  Feel free to try whatever, though.

Hi again Jody, I just had cause to use your little app on a massive video file - 4+ Gb in MKV format however dragging it onto this utility yields the *no-go* icon (circle with a line through it).  As you mentioned it supports MKV I'm wondering if something else might be preventing it from looking at the MKV i tried - maybe it's too big?  I tried a few others - all are huge MKV files and none of them would *drop* on this app.

Any ideas?

PS:  Just tired it with a few other MKV files, small ones, and the same thing happens - the app refuses to accept them when trying to drop them onto the app's window.  I assume that there must be something about the MKV itself that it doesn't like but I dunno what.

This is great! - I'm totally happy with these most recent changes.  I have only tested those features I was looking for so far, and can say that everything seems to work perfectly.  Thank you skwire.


I hope that helps to explain things.  As you can see, there is no perfect solution.   :(

Yes, this does clear things up.  In that case, perhaps one solution might be to have an option to choose how to handle multiple sub-folders when creating a playlist.
eg: At the moment, dragging multiple folders onto the app creates 1 playlist in each folder - what if the user had the option to continue in this way (default) or to create 1 playlist in the root folder for all media contained in the sub-folders?  A checkbox/radio button toggle in the UI might work.

This option would allow for those situations where you may have your files organised per artist, with different album folders under that artist and you want to listen to that artist's full collection.

Just a thought.

How about the following playlist options:

1) recursive scan all sub-folders and create a playlist in each folder
2) recursive scan all sub-folders and create 1 playlist on root folder dragged in including all files scanned

I think option (1) already works .. drag the root folder onto the app and a playlist is created in each subfolder (if they contain media files).  I discovered this by accident.

Option (2) Would be handy and being able to combine multiple playlists into a single playlist would be nice too.

I noticed that moving the playlist from its original folder to another folder breaks the connection with the media files ... is that a design fault with the .m3u file format or is there some way to have the playlist record the actual path to the media so that moving the playlist does not break it?  Maybe there's a different playlist format that does note the media's path?

 :Thmbsup: BRILLIANT!!! ... Works absolutely perfectly.  :Thmbsup:

As I mentioned in my previous post, these additions/changes make this app just perfect for me.

As a matter of interest, is there a list of audio/video formats supported?  Perhaps listing these in the help file might resolve any potential future issues where a user tries to add non-supported formats and can't work out why the process failed.  Just a suggestion.


(1)  Add a config/ini file option that allows the user to define their own default file name for the created playlist.  I usually always name my playlists with the same name rather than using the folder name but at some point I may also want to do that so having a config/ini file would help set these and possibly other "default" options.

(2) Incorporate the option to create play lists for video as well as audio files.  I have several video tutorial collections in various video formats (flv, mp4, avi, mpg and others) that I would like to link together via a play list.

I look forward to these additions which would make this great little app just that much better for me and hopefully others as well.

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