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Screenshot Captor / Can't Download Latest Screemshot Captor
« on: April 16, 2014, 10:08 PM »
(Sorry if this is in the wrong place!)

Okay, so Screenshot Captor has been *bugging* me all day (well, every time I turn on my Laptop) about the new version that was just released, however try as I might I simply cannot get it to download. All I get is an error message about how the "source file could not be read" & a 0KB file in my Download folder. (Attempting to open said file just gets me a warning about the file being corrupted.)

I have tried both the exe & the ZIP versions & it's the same problem for both.

The frustrating thing is that my mother - who also uses Screenshot Captor - downloaded the update on her computer without any problem just this morning. (This rules out Comcast as being the culprit as we live in the same house.)

I have dumped cookies (multiple times) dumped my history files (multiple times) tried two different browsers (FireFox & Chrome) & even tried logging out of my account here & nothing seems to make a difference.

So...any advice? Or is this just "one of those things" that will - hopefully - clear up on its own eventually?

Awesome- thanks for the clarification!  :Thmbsup:

I just may have to buy a second monitor so I can play with the "Workspace" & "Current Monitor" settings...  ;D

So far I am really impressed by Screenshot Captor & even if it turns out not to work in all my games (but I'm thinking positive) I plan on keeping it as my "main" capture program, as it's really nice to have a single program that can capture images on the desktop & online.

Thanks again- both for the nifty program & for taking the time to answer my newbie questions!

Sorry for this total newbie questions, but I am brand new to Screenshot Captor & was curious about the different screen capture options that I see available to me.

For instance, what is the difference between the "Active Window" option & the "Screen/Current Monitor" option? How are they different than the "Current Workspace" setting?

Basically what I am after is the appropriate setting(s) that will let me take a picture of whatever is on my screen at the time & shove the picture in a pre-designated folder without any further input from me, other than pressing the appropriate hot-key(s), as I prefer to do my editing at a later time.

I have already got the save options & folder settings selected - even took a few test shots of my desktop - but am now curious as to what specific "hot keys" (other than the usual "Print Screen" button I am used to) I may need to do what I mainly want, which is taking pictures when playing full-screen games (Sims 1 & 2, SimCity4, etc).

While I am waiting for an answer, I just wanted to say that this program looks pretty darn awesome so far! I have been struggling with finding the "perfect" screen-shot program ever since I had to give up Gadwin (which I loved) when I realized that it refused to work with the W7 Aero theme. It was either give up Aero or give up Gadwin, & in the end Gadwin lost as I saw no reason to lose the *eye candy* of Aero just to make it happy. (I'm an "eye candy" gal!)

Ultimately I settled on Fraps (for desktop & in-game pictures) & Screengrab for FireFox (because Fraps wouldn't take online pics) which was working well enough, except that Fraps likes to throw Direct X errors & fail to launch at start up every 3rd or 4th boot-up & it also seems to be rather slow to respond at times. (I would play a game & take a bunch of screenshots only to find that Fraps either *missed* the first several shots I took or just gave me a black screen for the first few pictures.)

Having grown tired of *working around* Fraps, I started looking for another program & stumbled upon this site & Screenshot Captor. So far I am incredibly impressed & can't wait to see how well it really handles...which I plan to find out once I know what the different capture options mean.

Thanks (again) for this slick little program & thanks for putting up with my (likely silly) newbie questions!

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