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I have looked around at the available tools and I haven't seen anything that I am interested in. I think the ones that mimic actually calipers are far to bulky for my tastes - you have to move it around and rotate it. I would rather just click two points and get an estimate. That is why I thought I would ask about it here. I think it would be perfect for screenshot captor. I use it every day.

Presumably, if the user selected two points to define a line, you would then know how many pixels make up that line (roughly). The user would assign a length to that measurement. That would assign a scale factor at that zoom level. So any other lines drawn could have a measurement associated with it. I know this works because that is what I do by hand with printed engineering drawings. I'd be very happy with this functionality.

I would only want to zoom in to better define either end point of a line, making sure that it lined up as closely as possible with the feature that I want a measurement estimate from.

Hi Wraith808,

Thanks for the link I'll take a look.

Screenshot Captor / Feature Request: Measure based on a scale
« on: May 16, 2017, 03:06 PM »
I frequently have to measure engineering drawings that are not to scale. They do have dimensions markers on them with listed values. I have to take a ruler and measure that line. Since I know what the length of the line is supposed to be and what it actually is measured to I can use that as a scale factor/ratio (known value divided by the measured value) . I can then measure any other distance on that image and multiple it by the scale factor to determine what it should be.

I know there are problems with this method, particularly if the aspect ratio is different from the original. It would still make for a pretty good approximation. I believe this would be a valuable addition to the ScreenShot Captor set of tools. I see the process working like:
1. Take a screen capture
2. use a "caliper" tool to identify a known length on an image. Enter in the corresponding known length
3. use a calibrated measure tool to select two points on the image - the calibrated length will be displayed.

It really doesn't have to be much more sophisticated than that. Maybe there could be an option to apply a horizontal and vertical calipers to attempt to correct for aspect ratio errors?


Screenshot Captor / Forgets Settings on Boot
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:42 AM »
Hi All, I am having a bit of trouble with Screenshot Captor and it forgetting its settings.

I am using v4.20.1 and IT at work have setup roaming profiles. I think this is the problem. So as a first step I put ConfigDir.ini in the installation folder and have CONFIGDIR = D:\documents\ which is a folder on my d drive that isn't under the roaming profiles. In D:\documents I have ScreenshotCaptor.ini which is setup correctly.

I every time I boot the laptop up Screenshot captor seems to forget the settings. The odd thing is that it is looking at the d:\documents folder, but it doesn't seem to find the ScreenshotCaptor.ini because it creates a new folder to put the screenshots in and displays the quick access bar which I always turn off. There are also a few other settings like adding the screen capture to the clipboard and not playing any capture sounds.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I have a folder where I am storing screen captures. I have the default new file name template set as "sc%num%" which will create screen captures sc001.png, sc002.png etc. This works great. Is it possible to tell Screenshot Captor to start at a specific number? Say the folder is empty and I want to start naming then images sc021.png.

Cheers and thanks,

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