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Dr.Windows / Dr.Windows web-based version
« on: September 06, 2014, 02:38 PM »
I wrote a web-based version of Dr.Windows. It's more like the AtomSmasher error generator, but it's written in HTML and PHP, so the buttons are actually clickable.

Don't overload it, it's running on free hosting. If anyone's willing to host it at a better location, the source code is attached.

Any credits-related issues?

Dr.Windows opens dialog boxes off-center every time it starts, but occasionally fixes itself for one session. Note that I use a large taskbar.
Dr.Windows does not remember the "open error" key. By default, it's Ctrl-Shift-E, which interferes with Firefox Expo, which I sometimes use. (not that I should have it open on my main computer, anyway...)

Can I have the src code and fix it myself? Or should I make a clone in porta-python?

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