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  • November 21, 2019, 07:19 AM
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Here is the script

Hello, I have downlaoded the PHP script called PHPads, but I want to use it as a badge script.
The script is very simple without mysql. I will pay 20$ via paypal for your help.

2. Features request

1. When new image is added there is a way to specify custom ID
and I specify it when generating the image code to be used on a page where the image need to be shown.
But the script rotates the images based on "Weight"
I need to be able to display only image based by ID specified (the badges does not need rotation like ads)

2. Add a Alt text field like this that would show specified text when mouse if over the image.
Also option to generate current date is needed. Should be something like "Custom text here - 2013-12-18"

3. If a badge expires now the badge is simply not shown anymore, I would like to have an option to
make the badge lighter like this and to show custom text like expired like this.

That's odd, that Photoshop has different colour values to other apps - who's at fault there?
And which colour value is *actually* correct?

I would like to explain that RGB color is just mathematical construct, that's why I need to go trough photoshop that applies Adobe RGB icc profile to it using Adobe CMM (color management engine) only then I get color numbers that means anything. Since most pre-press, designers etc. use adobe I need to extract color values that are matching. That means I must have some sort of plugin.

e a working proof-of-concept script that will dump an image's per-pixel RGB values to a text file.  However, I've no clue how to write a Photoshop plugin (nor do I own the program).

You can download trial version of photoshop from adobe.

Outside solutions does not work. There is specialized commercial applications like but all export different color values than Photoshop shows. If we a talking about CMYK then there are huge problems because the exported values by third party outside applications get 1% K ink where there should be none etc.

BPC and rendering intent change color values too. So to get the same color values as photoshop, it needs to be exported from it.

Thank you for replies.

Does it have to be a Photoshop Plugin?

Yes. It has to be photoshop plugin because I need to get exact color values that the color picker "second color readout" shows.
Because as you know Photoshop uses it's own color engine, the exact values can be taken only from Photoshop itself.


Oh, and what would the output file have to look like?
And be aware that the output file will be between 6 and ~32 times the size of the original image file, depending on the information and format. But that would be problematic an big files only, I'd expect.

The output would depend on the color picker values, the output needs to be color picker "second color readout".
That means text values separated by tab separator.

As You know Photoshop supports these color picker values:

Greyscale - K 65
RGB Color - RGB 184 34 40
RGB Web Color - Web B8 22 28
HSB Color - HSB 358 81 72
CMYK Color - CMYK 0 100 100 0
LAB Color - LAB 47 68 48

So for example the output of saved text file of should look like this for different color picker modes:
Valus separated by tab separator for easy importing to for example excel etc.


RGB Color
184 34 20
200 5 39
50 50 41
6 55 45
9 58 40

RGB Web Color
B8 22 28
ff 00 ff
ff ff ff
D6 22 28

HSB Color
358 81 42
180 20 80
160 22 72
120 50 52

CMYK Color
0 100 100 0
5 4 100 89
25 5 40 55
30 30 30 30

LAB Color
47 68 71
100 48 72
60 53 66
65 66 41

Some more details:

Please see this user UI I made in access, I'm not a programmer but I hope you get the idea:

User opens a chart in Photoshop
File is made so 1 pixel = 1 patch
User opens plugin and select the corner to start the reading data from.
User select direction from selected corner
User clicks OK to begin export and select output txt file.

Thats it.

The plugin reads colorpicker values at every pixel and wites them to txt file.

Hello, I'm looking for somebody to write simple Photoshop plugin that
would save the color picker values to text file for every pixel in opened image.

I have made some images of the user UI etc. But I'm no programmer, and writing color
picker values by hand is very hard, you eventually have errors etc.

The color values should be taken from "second color readout" and separated by tab separator.

Perhaps somebody can help, contact via PM or here.


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