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hi Hammerhead,
we get a lot of spam here (probably like most forums). People like Stephen (Stephen66515) give of their spare time to delete said spam and keep the forum clean.
I saw your link (on the previous page) and decided to *not* follow it. Maybe you've been lucky online, but I've experienced a few viruses simply from visiting a site.

So whether you post the images here or not, is your choice, but I think it would be nice to be nice to the people that keep this forum up and running.
Sorry. Don't want to be rude. First time I've on any forum in years. Now I remember why, so many self appointed "experts". No need to reply, I won't be back. As for getting a virus just by visiting a web site you must be utterly clueless how to protect yourself.

My mutt and other creatures! kids

I know you're a supporting member...but people with 1 posts, posting a random link = doesn't look good.

Can you embed the images on the forum? :)
-Stephen66515 (April 29, 2018, 03:30 PM)
You need to get another hobby!

My mutt and other creatures! kids

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