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The option you were looking for is on the "Behavior" page: "Limit display level".
This way you can count the size of all subfolders, but show only the parent ones (up to the level specified).

why not ;)
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Hi, I am the author of Directory Lister Pro and I believe my software can do exactly what you want.
It can list just folder names (by unchecking the "File rows" option on the "Display" page).
It can list all the properties you want (these are selectable on the first page).
You can select as many directories as you want on the tree.
It can save the listing as an CSV file (choose it on the "Output type" page) which can be directly opened in Excel.
In case of any issues I will personally help you get the listing you want.
Various screenshots (including CSV preview) are located on our web site


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