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  • Sunday April 18, 2021, 4:42 am
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Thanks for the effort Mouser. Really appreciate it

Here is the screen shot. Looks like I have the latest.


OK..I made tests as you requested. I adjusted the settings as described below and then watched the screen for 10 changes or until failure.

Looking at the "Options and Preferences" screen under the "Quote Fonts" tab, I tested each of the four font selections individually and in conjunction with the others. For ease of reference, I will label them 1,2,3 & 4.
1 (Top Left - White from the screen shot)
2 (Top Right - Green from the screen shot)
3 (Bottom Left - Red from the screen shot)
4 (Bottom Right - Gray from the screen shot)

Pass - Displayed only the color and/or font/size that was selected
Fail - Displayed the selected color, font and size as well as the over-sized White font

Single Monitor:
Only 1 - Fail
Only 2 - Pass
Only 3 - Pass
Only 4 - Pass
1 & 2 - Pass
1 & 3 - Fail
1 & 4 - Pass
2 & 3 - Pass
2 & 4 - Pass
3 & 4 - Pass

Multiple Monitors:
Only 1 - Fail
Only 2 - Fail
Only 3 - Fail
Only 4 - Fail
1 & 2 - Fail
1 & 3 - Fail
1 & 4 - Fail
2 & 3 - Fail
2 & 4 - Fail
3 & 4 - Fail

Initial testing was done on the single monitor (laptop) and results appeared to point to the left side choices (1 & 3) being involved. However, with the introduction of the multiple monitors, it appears that theory is out the window. BTW, testing was done on a HP EliteBook laptop and multi-monitor testing used 2 HP LA2405WG flats.

Hope this helps to isolate the issue.

Here is a shot of my font config per your request.


Is anyone else having an issue with displayed font size being larger than what it is configured for and therefore not displaying the entire quote?

The issue seems to be only with the pre-configured white font that displays far too large. I have unchecked the font, changed its size, change the type face, adjusted other settings and nothing has worked. One strange thing is that sometimes the quotes will display in the proper font size that I have configured for the white color.

I figured un-checking it would solve the issue, but it kept displaying it. The issue is that on longer quotes (and with the over-sized font) the text is cut off and it only displays part of the quote. (See screen shots). The last screen shot is displaying correctly with no modifications to the settings.

If anyone has experienced this (or solved it), please share what you is frustrating.

ScreenShot016.png    ScreenShot017.png     ScreenShot018.png    ScreenShot019.png

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