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Hi Mouser, thank you for your reply and for FARR. I hope you find a solution.


Hi Mouser, thanks for such a terrific program launcher, FARR. I have created an alias called TC, and I used this command with environment variable (it works from Run command):


However, when I use the alias TC, FARR does not launch this program. But if I put the entire command line;

d:\Archivos de programa\Commander\TotalCmd\TOTALCMD.EXE

The program is executed. Is it possible to use environment variables inside Alises/Keywords/Groups?


Coding Snacks / Re: Window Tags
« on: April 20, 2008, 07:25 PM »
This script is very useful for me, thanks Skrommel. But could it be possible for the script to remember what program or programs are assigned to a specific hot-key, maybe using an .ini file? That feature would make your script very very usefull for me. And maybe changing modifiers and hotkeys could be made from a grahical interface. If I see those changes I would be happy to donate you a few bucks.

F0dder wrote "I don't see the point of having a lot of non-file-management functionality crammed into a file manager. I can see how archive handling and ftp support can be useful to some (though I prefer separate applications for that myself), but things like uninstall, registry editing, etc? Why?!"

Because all of those functions are part of my computer, and file management is also uninstalling an application, burning a data CD, editing the registry. For example, to add usefull shell extensions (used in file management) are made a lot easier using TC, because you can use TC panels to copy registry keys or values as if they were normal files, much more easier and faster than using windows registry editor. Besides, you know windows uninstall utility is extremely slow, and to find a program takes a lot (part of file management I think), but with TC finding the right program takes a few seconds. Task management, well with TC it becomes so easy, to find the right program, kill it, see how much memory it uses, to show or hide certain controls or windows, chage its priority, much more easy than using windows task manager or prcview (for example). I know there are programs that make these things, but if TC makes it better and really faster why not use it.

So my point is, TC makes my windows life much much more easier, so why use another file manager that just can help me to move, copy, and paste files.

Now let me tell that TC starts fast, it is stable even with the 227 plugins I have installed (content, file system, lister and packer plugins). I do not care for TC executable, as long as it does the righ job, and TC's author (Mr. Cristian Ghisler), for me he is the best.

I totally agree with JohnFredC, when he says "if you need industrial strength file management, not just easy drag and drop (and possibly you may not even know yet that you do)... go to the trouble to learn TC". In fact to learn the full potential of TC and configure it to your liking takes a while, but the effort is worthwhile. I have used it since version 3, and until now I can't say that I master all features TC offers. TC out of the box may look very simple, but you may try Total Commander PowerPack 1.7 (http://www.softpedia...nder-PowerPack.shtml), wich comes ready with the best plugins.

With this terrific file manager you can manage almost every aspect of your computer, from task management, uninstall management, registry editing, cd-dvd burning, and the list goes on and on. Its plugin architecture makes it the best option for me, and as JohnFredC explained very well "The TC plugin architecture design means a user doesn't have to settle completely for the TC author's personal vision of a usable file manager".

Its price is terrific, I have not paid for an uppgrade since version 3, and it is portable (no extra price like xplorer2). TC uses a unique .ini file to store its settings, it means you can take your installation or move to another system without any concern about missing configuration registry keys. For this and many more reasons I really recomend TC, as the best.

General Software Discussion / Re: Window Arranger Software
« on: March 15, 2007, 09:18 AM »
Hey, long time, but I must admit that after using WindowSizer some time I decided to bought it, it is great as Nighted said. Of course, I still miss hotkey personalization, but current mapping does not interfere with any application I currently use. I would recommend it very much. Regards.

Every time I ran Uninstall Tool v1.6 it changed installation dates of all my installed apps to the current time and date. Has this thing happened to anyone else?

Uninstall Tool v1.6 >:( piece of crap erased all my installation dates that I was able to see with myuninstaller. Version 2.0 is good, but too expensive. I'll stick with myuninstaller.

General Software Discussion / Re: Window Arranger Software
« on: January 23, 2007, 11:01 PM »
Forgot to say that both programs are not equal in features, both could be used in conjunction. But the issue windowsizer does not work with all kind of windows keeps me waiting for a version that works well.

General Software Discussion / Re: Window Arranger Software
« on: January 23, 2007, 10:58 PM »
Tried windowsizer, it does not work with all kind of windows, and it does not have hotkey personalization, although all the functions can be launched from tray tool. It seems a little limited to me, but useful I wish it were free or at least cheaper. reSizer works with all kind of windows I have worked with, and it is free.

General Software Discussion / Re: Window Arranger Software
« on: January 23, 2007, 10:30 PM »
lanux128 good to know you like the software as I do. Regarding windowsizer, it seems nice, but it is shareware, however I will give it a try. Thanks for the info Nighted.

General Software Discussion / Re: Window Arranger Software
« on: January 23, 2007, 07:16 PM »
jgpaiva, I agree with you "winarrange hates find and run". I like very much gridmove, but there is another great program to arrange windows using "(Win + NumPad)", very easy to use. Both are excellent for me, give me your opinion please.

Take a look at it, it is great, many functions.

General Software Discussion / Re: My favorite software! What's yours?
« on: November 13, 2006, 10:26 PM »
The first FAVORITE, Total Commander, THE BEST file manager ever. I cannot live without it.

wasker wrote: "Oh, we can debate on FAR vs. TC for years, and this would be THE religious war.."

I do not think so, FAR development is no as active as TC development at all, so TC is getting better and better while FAR is almost dying, since Eugene Roshal is not in active development of FAR. FAR is in v1.70, while TC v7 is comming soon.  :D

FAR is a raw power with very old-fashioned UI, but I could live with that. My primary reason was tight integration of X2 with Windows Shell, and then, yes, UI.

Speaking of UIs, I never liked TC's. ;)

No problem wasker, matter of taste, I love TC.  :Thmbsup:

Best Regards.

Now to compare FAR with TC is not fair at all, FAR is a DOS looking app, really ugly for me, powerful I would say, but not as powerful and versatile as TC.

Oh, we can debate on FAR vs. TC for years, and this would be THE religious war... :D

If FAR is for you so powerful, why did you abandon it and replaced it for X2? Was it the GUI? I do not think that X2 is as powerful as FAR.

I said FAR is powerful, but its DOS looking is what I do not like.

I tend to only have {name, size, extension, modified} columns, since that's what I need for file management. Many tab types slow down stuff (things like MP3 info massively so!), and I don't really need that stuff.

Oh well, the TC mindset just isn't my thing :)

That is the beauty of TC, you can have many tabs opened, with a registry editor, a taskmanager and many columns with lot of information and it is fast, even it has a branch directory feature really rocks; but if you think X2 is the best, well, I would say "X2 mindset just isn't my thing" too. I think we have to respect everyone opion, but for those who does not have tried other file manager options, do not forget TC.

Regarding standard explorer extensions TC can hadle them too, but plugins are faster to execute.

Now to compare FAR with TC is not fair at all, FAR is a DOS looking app, really ugly for me, powerful I would say, but not as powerful and versatile as TC.

edit by jgpaiva: fixing quote tag

But I suggest everyone wait for TC version 7, it will have a lot of improvements, (thanks ICFU, TC power user).

f0dder wrote "That's the kind of stuff I personally hate in a file explorer - and a thing that I used to turn off in WinXP explorer because it annoys the hell out of me."

Yes, it is your point of view, and I respect that, but in my opinion if a program can do more than just file management, and make other things really well like TC, for me it is perfect. TC can edit registry directly from its tabs, it has a TaskManager where you can filter, order by date, name, memory ussage, edit windows properties, kill programs; it has an Uninstaller; it has a quick search directory, not just bookmarks like X2, it has a directory hot list; Indeed it has a built in ftp program (works perfectly well); TC can hadle every kind of compression format by using plugins, X2 not, but to me it is a strength, not something to hate.  And the list goes on and on. Again if TC makes those things perfect, why would I have to use other programs?. Besides, remember that all of these things are not preinstalled, if you want you can add more power to TC, so if you just want file management, use TC just for that.

JavaJones application TC is really fast, even with all the plugins. Try http://www.totalcmd....ugring/tcmdpp17.html TC powerpack, which comes preloaded with some plugins. It is not going to be easy to find all the power of TC in a day, but you should give it a try.


JavaJones wrote: "Of course if X2 can just use any Explorer shell extension one would think there would be more of those than TC plugins. I don't know the definitive answer."

I do not think there are more shell extension than TC plugins. TC has four (I made a mistake in a previous quote) kind of plugins: Content, Lister (Viewer) Packer, and File system plugins. These plugins are incredible, for example there is a File System plugins called "Versions" that I use every day to check program's version changes of currently 330 programs. Other to manejar palm files, a really complete Task manager, an Uninstaller.

The first program I install in a fresh Windows installation is TC, because in one program I manage every aspect of Windows. And I just have to copy TC directory and all TC's power is ready, no registry keys to import, nor external dependencies, it is just great.

JavaJones, for me TC is a lot faster than X2 in every aspect, file management operations and user operation, every command in the program can be assigned to a hotkey. Menues, icons, toolbars, colors, fonts and every aspect of the program can be customized (sorry I repeat this).

Wasker, X2 uses explorer shell extensions, TC also does, but plugins give it much more power than X2. I used X2 for a while, searching for a replacement of TC, but the use of mouse and lack of plugins made me abandon it.

Wasker, let me ask you something, X2 can search inside mp3 files, for example and give you the encoder used or the bitrate of the file? With TC you can, using Content Plugins.

But again, for common file management operations X2 is the second best after TC (for me, I respect other opinions).

TotalCommander = FireFox, xPlorer^2 = Opera?

JavaJones, what a great comparisson (alsmot an equation), I just was thinking the same yesterday (but just the part TotalCommander = FireFox), and I was going to write it today.

FireFox, its extensions and speed beats Opera, even though Opera for most users is good enough. The same happens with TC versus Xplorer2 (limited for me, I repeat for me). Anyway, each person has the right to choose their file manager depending on their needs.

f0dder, you are right, the look is not good as other file managers, but at leas for me, I need power more than a good look. But, TC can be customized, more than any other file manager I have tried: colors, icons, toolbars, menues, etc.

You might download "Total Commander PowerPack 1.7" from "http://www.totalcmd....ugring/tcmdpp17.html" which is a extended version of Christian Ghisler's Total Commander, with a lot of plugins ready to use.


I forgot to say, license is for lifetime of the product, at least for now.  A plus.

Pages where you could start:

http://www.ghisler.c.../index.php/Main_Page (Total Commander Wiki!) (Guide to Efficient Use of Total Commander)
http://www.ghisler.c...php?language=english (Total Commander Forum) (Guide to Efficient Use of Total Commander)
http://www.ghisler.c...i/index.php/Weblinks (Weblinks)

"Like any powerful tool, Total Commander won't work the way you want it right away. Until you use it a little and learn how it works, it may even seem a bit uncomfortable. But don't be discouraged, as the payoff is too great to ignore. You'll do all your file management a lot faster. An experienced person using Total Commander may seem like a magician to observers." Ilya Gulko.

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