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General Software Discussion / Re: TheBrain / Personal Brain
« on: July 28, 2009, 02:00 AM »
Maybe the standard mind mapping tools with a bit navigation can help here, too. Not as cool in presentation, but useful anyway. Xmind and FreeMind are free desktop tools.

Chrome and the latest Safari are definately better than Firefox if you use them for surfing only. For development Firefox is still the best tool (still wait for a port of its Firebug plugin). Firefox is too memory hungry, unstable, slow and the user experience is not as good. I'm still sad that they gave up the original Mozilla trunk for this crapped architecture that Firefox still has. Although, I wait for a better Chrome. Meanwhile I prefer Safari a bit.

General Software Discussion / Re: Text-To-Speech Freeware?
« on: July 28, 2009, 01:36 AM »
Maybe not as comfortable but pretty flexible with quality voices from the reasearch community and totally free is MaryTTS:

Online Demo


It is based on Java. So, you need a Java runtime on your machine. The installation is done on the command line in the folder of the download by:

java -jar mary-standalone-install-3.6.0.jar

The installer allows to install additional voices for different languages on demand during installation.

This stuff is a real client-server solution. So, you have to start the server process before the client is started. But, this also allows to use it in a Web environment to create audio files on demand. I use it to create cost-free commercially usable TTS audio files for projects like this:

Snowman Joe (Details how to create this)

But, not all voices are allowed to use for this in the MaryTTS package. Have a look at the copyright notes for details.

Living Room / Re: Whats on your desktop?
« on: October 09, 2008, 05:56 AM »


Rendered in Poser 7. Part of our free halloween offer.

Living Room / Free Halloween stuff
« on: October 08, 2008, 10:34 AM »
I found the Stephen King posting here and thought maybe you're also interested in some free Halloween stuff:

*Applications: Jigsaws, Screensavers, Horrible Adventcalendars (for those who also like Xmas)
* Desktop: Wallpapers
* PDF prints: Greeting Cards, Posters, Painting Book

Jigetiser Halloween Lovers

Developer's Corner / Re: Software protection and registration.
« on: April 29, 2008, 03:04 AM »
If your target group is companies you may skip all protection systems. Fair usage conditions, like mentioned above, are a must have. But, it's a good idea to add something that is annoying to circumvent every time if you wanna use it illegally. If your product creates files, add copyright hints to it, that are gone with the license key, but need hands-on work for illegal users every time they use your software.

If you think about protection systems, use the strongest, with the best update frequency, and the most individual configuration (personalization of code sections) you can get. Crackers need  only days to produce a hack (or key generator) of the simple protection systems. With the last review I did in this arena I preferred Software Passport (maybe two years ago):

They are part of Digital River (e.g. RegNow, ShareIt). So, you can use this technology to let create a key on the fly when customers by at RegNow, ShareIt, etc. Pretty straight forward.

Service as add-on to register is a nice idea. But, not interesting in Shareware. Why you buy Shareware? Mostly, because of the limited price you've to pay for it. Service is something for the big software sellers, with complicated software products.

Regards Rainer

General Software Discussion / Re: Animated Drawing
« on: April 29, 2008, 02:41 AM »
I would suggest a screenrecorder in addition to a program that does the painting automatically. I bought Corel Painter 4 Essentials about a month ago. It allows to follow an automatic redrawing of an image or photo to something painted. Well, it looks like a painter doing her work (if you don't activate the transparent presentation of the original image). If I use a screenrecorder to track what's going on on the screen this should create your demanded result.

Hint: the automatic painting is not available with older releases than Painter 4 Essentials. So, don't mix up with this offer (I updated because of some nice features of Photoimpact, e.g. Golden Ratio Crop or flexible calendar design, but not because of the additional free stuff), that delivers the old and ugly user interface of Painter Essentials 3:

Regards Rainer

While AceText does have a feature called QuickPaste, it's more what the name implies -- it brings up acetext and hitting enter/double clicking on a clip immediately sends it back to the application, it's pretty quick.  But lacks the clip alteration of CHS's quickpaste.

Sorry for the confusion -- I have both acetext and CHS running -- the former as my primary clipboard extender/note keeping and the latter for its QuickPaste goodness.
Thanks Allen for this post. It underlines what I wanted to say in my post. The quickpaste is pretty cooler than what AceText does to reuse recent stuff you copied in the clipboard.

Regards Rainer

General Software Discussion / Re: Good Logo Creation Tools?
« on: August 18, 2006, 02:39 AM »
For this price you should have a look at a general vector graphics program like Xara eXtreme ($79):

To comlete all this, here's one for CMS, too:

They also have started a forum matrix:


Curiously, I've only now seen Mouser's Clipboard Help & Spell
Maybe I'll check that out first :D
regards, tom
Tom, I recommend to check Clipboard Help & Spell, first. I bought AceText long time ago, because I started with EditPad (when it was only Freeware) - so it was a good idea to buy its brother, too. For me (as a programmer ;-)) the clipboard management was the most interesting thing with AceText.

When I started a new job in the mid of 2006 I had a look at DonationCoder again, because I needed a new download of the FreeRAM XP Pro. Aside I had a look at the other stuff and found Clipboard Help & Spell. After some weeks of work I've to say that this free tool does the job much better than AceText according to clipboard management.

Regards Rainer

Good point. But, with a little experience you can get good results without it, too. Start with a 2x2 matrix, then try the bit more harder ones (3x3, ...)  ;)

A good (office) guillotine can help to get straighter cuts than with a pair of scissors.

Seems to me that you have a lot of complicate tasks to get both databases in sync, or do you have a tool that helps to get the diffs out of the first to get these into the second database without trouble?

You may have a look at 2G PosterWorks. About $9 and amazing results when you have images with 300dpi and 1280x1024 resolution, even with a 3x3 A4 page matrix.

Here are some examples. Have a look at the "Posters" section near the end of the page. "Lab Creatures" (Wallpaper for original image, 2x2 PDF, 3x3 PDF), the last image in the list was done with the latest release, the file length is much shorter than the other images that were done with the older release, we used first.

We had a look at:

* ACEPoster
* PosterPrint
* PrintExpander

* MegaPoster
* Posteriza

As the author of PosterWorks says himself (similar to our experiences with these tools):

It's better (higher resolution images, support for wide-format printers and paper stock, PDF document conversion, more functionality, larger maximum poster size) than its competitors, it's faster (can spool a full-page high-resolution image as faster as your printer will take it -- no print lag); and cheaper ($8.95! You gotta be kidding me).

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