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General Software Discussion / Re: Application like Dialog Devil?
« on: March 28, 2009, 08:16 AM »
Thanks for your suggestions and PTFB and ClickOff are good, but I want to be able to fill in the user information and then click a button on the pop-up window.

May be some thing like Auto Fill for windows dialog is needed for my situation ??

Is any one aware of any freeware/open source application for auto filling windows popup dialogs ?

I am looking for such a utility to fill-in the login information and submit.


Alternative to PS Tray Factory could be Tray Manager from


I like the ultraexplorer. It is really feature rich and has almost every feature that i wanted in a explorer. It quick too.

Features I liked are ...

Tabs (ofcourse)
Filter (quick and customizable)
Breadcrumb Bar

General Software Discussion / Re: Streaming server ?
« on: April 25, 2007, 08:31 AM »
VLA seems promising, i will give it a try.

Thanks Nighted.

I will also looking at the ones cmpm suggested.

General Software Discussion / Re: Streaming server ?
« on: April 24, 2007, 09:53 AM »
network sharing is too slow and the player stops(hangs) several time during the playback.

With streaming may be i can reduce the quality (low resolution) and play the video at a decent speed.

General Software Discussion / Re: Streaming server ?
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:56 AM »
NO... Usually i download videos to my regular-usage system and would like to stream those videos to the the computer that is connected to TV.

Basically i would like to watch all the video on the TV.

General Software Discussion / Streaming server ?
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:25 AM »
I am looking for a streaming server for use at home, basically i have two systems at home one connected to TV and the other for a regular use. both are connected wireless to internet.

with this setup i would like to stream video,audio from one box to another and i certainly don't want to copy the entire file.

Does any one know of any streaming servers that supports most of the video formats ?


Post New Requests Here / Re: Run application on low CPU level?
« on: September 06, 2006, 10:22 AM »
Hi Doublebogey

Thanks for making the changes.

I am not able to properly use it. Basically, i would like to use this program in the following scenario.

I want to run a program when the CPU load is over 75%. regardless of the keyboard/mouse idle time.

Can you please tell me what the configuration should be ? I am getting confused with the Keyboard idle time setup, that is the reason i asked for a OR condition.

currently I have the set up as

1. 75% and 3 sec (CPU)

2. 1sec (keyboard)

And this new version preferences window doesn't minimize to tray. After I click start the Timer is starting, i guess it should minimize the pref window and observe the CPU usage level.

Also I am seeing a window pop up some times which a "2"

Post New Requests Here / Re: Run application on low CPU level?
« on: September 05, 2006, 10:15 AM »
Hi Doublebogey,

Firstly thanks for taking time in writing this Utility.

I was looking for this kind of a utility for some time. Is it possible for you to add the following features.

1. Ability to keep it running always ( currently after the first detection it terminates it self)
2. Can the first condition be a OR instead of AND...currenlty i think it is low CPU and Idle time.

and finally one question...Does it kick-off the programs as soon as it detects the CPU level is low or does it start the programs after the CPU level is back to normal ?


May be this will help ...

ImageCrush ( supports drag and Drop)


Thank you lanux, for all your help.

It is working great.

Thank you Lanux

Thanks Lanux,

After making that change the script worked great.

Can it be further customized ?

- To monitor the processes every 15 mins or so and kill them.
- To have an input dialog which takes in the list of processes, like the processKiller created by jpaigva

Currrently when I run the EXE generated from the script kills the processes if they are running but when the processes are restarted ...i have to manually run the EXE again.

Thanks for all your help

Yes i have pskill.exe in the same directory as i had in the script.


Thanks Jpaigva for the clarification.

I created a EXE using ahk2exe but when i run it nothing happens.

Could somebody check this code and tell me if some thing is wrong.

; To kill some tasks prior to running any CPU-intensive apps
; Date: 18/03/2006
; Modified from its original version due to a request in DC forums
; Refer: hxxp://
; Adjust path to PsKill as necessary...

#SingleInstance ignore
DetectHiddenWindows On
SetTitleMatchMode 2   ; not sure if needed but just in case.

;declare all unwanted processes
;just processes' name will do
ToClose =
( Join|
;MsgBox %ToClose% ;test var

;Close AllChars, CLCL, AVGamsvr, AVGcc, AVGupsvc
Loop, Parse, ToClose, |
  ;MsgBox, Process #: %A_Index% is %A_LoopField%. ;test var
  Process, Exist, %A_LoopField%.exe
  NewPID = %ErrorLevel%   ; Save the value since ErrorLevel often changes.
  If NewPID <> 0          ;
    ;MsgBox Process %A_LoopField%.exe is found, with the process ID of %NewPID%. ;test var
    Run, C:\MyPrograms\CommonApps\SysTools\pskill.exe %NewPID%


Hi Lanux

I Installed AutoHotKey now

is this the right way ...

;declare all unwanted processes
;just processes' name will do
ToClose =
( Join|
AllChars     ; InoRT.exe
CLCL         ; InoTask.exe
avgamsvr   ; xyz.exe
avgcc       ; your process goes here
avgupsvc   ; your process goes here

Thanks for your help Lanux

Thanks Lanux for the code.

How do I use this code.... I mean how can i convert this code into an EXE file.



The first one didn't work either.


I am currently using the batch file which has the following line ...

taskkill /F /T /IM InoRpc.exe

This works fine, but i wanted to avoid manually clicking. If possible I want to have a program which monitors for these processses and issues this type of command to kill them.


Actually those processes are not spyware. They are Antivirus related software and my company installed those on my system and I should always have them. Even if i disable the services, they are restarted by the network Admin.

I wanted to kill them because they eat up all the memory and CPU while actively running.

On the other hand there is one other process from Real player installation which adds it self to the Auto start items.

Finally, jpaigva, i was not able to kill these processes using your ProcessKiller. Looks like the processkiller finds them but when it tries to kill them the CPU usage shows 100% and neither processkiller nor the antivirus process go away.


Thanks jpaigva, i will try this new version of ProcessKiller.

To brotherS,

I do have AutoRuns on my system and i don't have these processes in the AutoRuns list. But periodically these processes kick-off

I am sorry, I think ProcessKiller is not from skrommel

Thankyou jpaigva, ProcessKiller is exactly what I am looking for.

Also thanks to skrommel for writing such a utility.

Is there any way, i can use the ProcessKiller for morethan one process. Because in my system there are 4 EXEs which are not needed to run but are always running. I cannot/shouldnot uninstall them.

Curretnly all i can see in one processkiller instance can be used to kill one process only.

Any suggestions ?


I want to just KILL the process

Thanks ...I will try those

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