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Mouser, thanks for your info - that indeed is the setting I did not see.  :)

A while ago I noticed that each time after taking a screenshot not only the expected popup for instructions (print/save) came up but subsequently also windows explorer started with focus on the folder with the saved image.
I am not aware of having made any changes and don't remember this being the case before but can't figure out how to prevent that from happening. There is probably a setting somewhere to deal with that but I am too stupid to find it. :huh:

Sorry Mouser and Apankrat for quoting the email address - I thought it was some other feature you guys were using to reduced spam or similar. I even tried to look up the domain but now realise I need new glasses as I read and that confused me even more  :o

 :) Maximum Happiness here and thank you for the great software.

Just one question - I noticed that the email contained a reference to
For help please directly contact: [email protected]
which startled me, initially wondering if the email was real and legit. Can you provide some info what their role is in this?

Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch History
« on: August 23, 2016, 10:59 PM »
thanks but fiddling with these settings did not change the behaviour. It seems to me that some days I can log on in the morning and still have some history there and on other days I only get two or three specific listings, usually MS Office ( word or xls). Guess I have to make better use of alias and try to remember those alias I set up.

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