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Living Room / Re: As a counter-point to the SOPA/PIPA demonstration
« on: January 28, 2012, 03:20 PM »
I'll be honest: I battle with where I take a position on these concerns.  I can dispute from both factors.  But they are not even providing the other aspect a opportunity to talk or have a aspect in the selection.  I usually benefit less guidelines over more, especially if individual protection isn't engaged.  Because actual life circumstances are generally very unpleasant.  There are no apparent limitations between this and that.  if someone is being harm and that can be prevented, that's good.  But SOPA and this products is simply about management.

Oh yes, no uncertainty, Betanews is junk now. Fileforum not much better. I get all my articles from both websites through RSS now so I very, very rarely check out the website. And 90% of the articles I just look at and level study. Especially Joe Wilcox.

I'm a ph.d. student in laptop or computer technology who should have gotten his level about 5 years ago.  Tasks like this keep me regularly in debts and late Sad  matured up in nyc, now existing in area.

I was about to publish a number of my preferred puns; I had ten of them... actual zingers, too.
Reading through them, I tried to keep only the best, and ones nobody had observed before.
In the end, I had weeded out very much all of them.

Living Room / Re: Cute jokes' thread
« on: January 21, 2012, 08:27 AM »
Calvin & Hobbes was my preferred. Too bad the writer ceased. It really was the best comedian I've ever study.

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