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I'm about ready to run screaming into the night with what could be a connected problem.  I've not found a fix yet.  I need to rebuild my icon cache in Windows 8.1 Pro.  I know where the iconcache*.db files are located: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\.  Most of my icons have been replaced by the plain vanilla, generic (blank sheet of paper) variety.  I'd muchly appreciate any guidance, wisdom, incantations, and/or any other assistance.  Bless you .... and no, I'm not slobbering all that badly .... yet .... <wink>

Looks good here, amigo.  My "normal" default is Firefox, with Opera and IE also run through BTS.  Installation and configuration of the beta were smooth, as have been the transitions to and from each browser.  Nicely done.

Now all I have to do is quiet the internal grammatical tempest spawned by my using the term, "'normal' default"....

Used PowerDesk years ago, then went to DOpus for its configurability, then to XYplorer for - what is for me - the best medley of features bundled in a well-written package that is lightweight, portable and reliable.  Occasionally I find myself musing on how I could've possibly done without it for so long....

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