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Hi Curt,

There will be no problem moving the license to another computer. We're on the "honor" system. You may move your existing NoteFrog installation, if you've already installed it, or merely install it on the new system and use your existing registration code. Lifetime is Lifetime - yours or ours - and we're hoping that's a long time in both cases ;)


Announce Your Software/Service/Product / FrogTea
« on: October 06, 2012, 11:16 PM »
What is FrogTea? FrogTea is a free, Windows based, encryption utility which allows you to create a secure*, stand alone, self-decrypting HTML archive which may contain either html or plain text content. These self-decrypting archives may be decrypted on any device which has a javascript capable browser.

For more information visit
NoteFrog developer
"NoteFrog - use it, don't lose it"

* <a href="http://en.wikipedia....her_security_summary">http://en.wikipedia....her_security_summary</a> No demonstrated attack. Theoretical attack 2<sup>59</sup> chosen plaintexts - that's 576460752303423488 or half the size of all the printed material in the world.</p>
Note: FrogTea is a free utility from HTConsulting, the authors or NoteFrog.

General Software Discussion / Re: Visual Basic or Visual C++
« on: July 13, 2012, 10:38 AM »
Not attempting to enter into best or most popular or whatever, but if you're interested in what's being taught, most universities (at least in the states) post their curriculum on-line.


Nice. Thanks for the heads-up.


I have studied MyInfo and am impressed. However, it doesn't stop me from saying that this kind of application, PIMs and alike, in general is much too expensive for me. MyInfo as well; the Bits du Jour price should really be the normal price, for me to be a customer.

However, THANKs for stopping by and telling,!

However as a developer, speaking from experience, I'd like to add that a more reasonable (inexpensive) pricing model often leads to fewer sales. Our society assumes if pim1 sells for $49.99 and pim2 sells for $9.95 there's no way pim2 is going to be any good, so you get very few downloads and even fewer sales for $9.95 than you would at say, $29.95.

The psychology of selling software is mind boggling.

What's new in this release:

Will know your notes without you typing them
Keyboard was working, fixed

Announcing NoteFrog Professional Platinum Ultimate Universe Galaxy Lifetime Forever introductory offer only $399

I'm still using the CrashPlan trial but I cannot bring myself to commit to it because it's sitting here in the tray using 250mb of ram(!)
Having programmed on an IBM360/40 with 64 KB of memory, I can appreciate your sentiment. On the other hand, with memory being as cheap as it is today - I'm seldom using even 4GB of my installed 8 - if that's the only downside you've found, I'll give it a look.

Thanks to everyone for the interesting and informative contributions.


Interesting thread with a lot of excellent contributions. Having similar needs I followed it until it "died"? :)

Did you ever pick a solution?


Great add-on for the Windows firewall

The free is very good. The "Plus" is - well, a plus :) And BTJ had it on sale sometime back and it was a plus+plus.


whoops - sorry if this is considered "off-topic". If so, please let me know.

Living Room / Re: Another internet lowlife
« on: February 23, 2012, 02:53 PM »
My new site has been up only a couple of weeks now. I've just received the following turd.
Welcome to the toilet  :)

NoteFrog Professional Lifetime License

RETAIL $49.95
68% OFF $15.95


A few DC'ers missed the BTJ promo and asked about re-opening the DC special. I told them I would offer DC'ers the BTJ special for the Last week in February. I should have announced this yesterday, but did not want to step on the RightNote BTJ promo.


General Software Discussion / Re: I Need DC Input
« on: February 19, 2012, 05:18 AM »
Can you remove either the power or data cable connection?

General Software Discussion / Re: I Need DC Input
« on: February 19, 2012, 04:02 AM »
You can "rearm" windows 7 to extend your 30 days up to 120 if you need additional time after 30 days.


Unable to extract the portable zip? Corrupted?


!   O:\Downloads\ The archive is corrupt
!   O:\Downloads\ The archive is corrupt

You have my assurances. It is a LIFETIME (not version) license.



in my tests with NoteFrog Pro i wasn't able to create links for files, if the path of a file contained spaces. Is this a bug?

Filenames with spaces can cause problems in some cases. I'll take a look at it.



Yes, the edit control does not accept the filename with embedded spaces as a true clickable link. I'll need to correct this.
A fix will be forthcoming, but may not make it into the V2.0 release, which is in Release candidate status right now.

Fixed for V2.0

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Hard Disk Sentinel PRO - Mini-Review
« on: February 04, 2012, 02:53 PM »
I find it to be a very useful app. I also use it to test drives when I install a new one.

BTJ has the "Family license" at 30% off right now. I'm almost sure I got mine during a nomal BTJ promo some time back for around 50% off. At that price it's quite a value.

OK - 1st up in a soon-to-be beta (but maybe not in V2.0) -

NoteFrog specified delimiter (e.g. ++NoteFrog++)  = you convert whatever delimiter you can get from your existing program to ++NoteFrog++

Input is
  All plain text items OR
  All rich text items

Loaded as individual items into the active stack.
Strip blank (empty) text lines at beginning of plain text.
Rich text imported "as is"

Reasonable for now?

Looks like delimiter always at beginning of line?

Since Frog isn't "leveled", just treat multiple concurrent delimiters as one?

Can you upload a test file somewhere? Or email something?

Can work on something. Probably not for V2.0, but something like that is very possible.

4. I keep getting an occasional exclamation "Ping" and the Comunication" box says I have a duplicate, when in fact I never did a Ctrl+C to create a duplicate.

    17:59:31 Isduplicate NF and CHS clearly can't comfortably coexist
    17:59:31 newItem() duplicate - skipped
An informational/debug message, due to the way CHS "re-establish clipboard periodically"

5. I have found the "Comunication" box (missing an "m" there) very informative for testing purposes. I think it could be useful to retain that function, to provide a background log and for the user to enable/disable it for monitoring/testing purposes. Having a Copy button on it is a good idea too, as you can choose whether you want to keep part/all of the current log in the Stack - arguably better than having it as a separate log file, at any rate. (Though there seems to be something slightly amiss with the "Comunication" box - see "Minor issues" , below.)
It could be useful during testing, but, as mentioned, it's not quite ready for prime time yet :)

1. There is no tooltip for the help, tools and utilities toolbar button - not sure if you wanted there to be one. (This is as per oblivion's comment.)

2. Though the position of the MAIN NF UI window seems to be remembered OK by NF (from its last opened position on the screen), some of the popup windows (e.g., Options) opened from the UI seem to open with their lower part truncated by (or "below") the bottom of my laptop screen. If I drag the popup window to where I can see it all, and then close it, the next time I open that popup window, NF evidently doesn't remember where I last moved it to - the window starts off again in the same truncated position. (This is as per oblivion's comment - sorry, though I had noticed this a while back, I had forgotten to mention it until I was reminded by his comment.)
Correct - most child windows are positioned relative to the main window. I'll move the options window up, but it won't be set to remember it's position in this release.

3. The "Comunication" window (missing an "m" there) is intrusive - this seems to be because, the way it currently works, it sometimes steals window focus, which it probably should not be doing. (Similar to what was mentioned by oblivion.)
See comment above

3. You sometimes/always (it's repeatable anyway) seem to have to force a Stack/viewer refresh (Ctrl+R) before a recently-copied clip with the search term appears in the search. It's in the Stack, but just not appearing in the search until you refresh. (Similar to what was mentioned by oblivion.)
Correct. At present, a search is "static".

I'll correct the issues as mentioned above and put a new version out. Unless I screw something up in the process (as we've seen, very possible), we MAY be getting close to a release.

I think it would be better if you could import from a single file with some sort of delimiter to separate items. If I were to try to make individual text files for the stuff I've imported, it'd have been a longer process than an item at a time via the clipboard. (I shall assume that that would have worked, with the right version, a good deal more smoothly than it actually did!)

I suspect many junkpile-organiser-type programs would be able to squirt out their contents as a textfile with optionally some sort of separator between them -- although I can't say I've researched the subject, it just strikes me as sensible -- which would give you an import route at least for plaintext, as long as you could specify the delimiter...

If there's some "generally" usable format, it should be easy enough to set up an import. I started out with a keynote format import but only had two users who used it. Everyone else needed something different. Different from everyone else:) I decided I would be spending more time writing import routines than improving the functionality of Frog.

Could probably develop something based on a user specified delimiter as long as everyone would be comfortable that any delimiters occurring in the files themselves would cause a new record.

See you in the forum.


In the immortal words of Maxwell Smart, "Sorry about that".

Not too long after I sent you the link, I realized I had upped the wrong version - my own debug version rather than the fixed executable. You must have gotten it before I corrected the upload.

I can understand your frustrations. NoteFrog and CHS should co-exist.

Try downloading again?

Or if you prefer, just download NoteFrog.exe from the same location and replace your existing exe.

There is a raw text input capability under the "Stack" menu - "Import all text items from a directory.."

I've also set up a forum for discussion  - you will need to register, too much spam otherwise.

cheers - and thanks

Hi Tim,

Yes, I remember our exchange. And, unfortunately, there is no "calendar view" in V2. It could be accomplished via "tags" within the notes, but it would need to be via a free-form method developed by you to your liking - e.g. a tag in the note 2011/01/13 etc. All January items could easily be found via a 2011/01 search. I imagine you could find an even more creative way to tag your notes to meet your specifications. That's part of the beauty of a totally free-form database. We don't lock you into our expectations about what's best or right.

That said, future releases of V2 will introduce a searchable, free form tagging capability outside the note itself so you can have distinct tags that are not contained within the note. The capability is not in the base v2, but will be implemented in a future v2 release.

Assuming your email address is the same as before, I'll send you a link to a beta download shortly. Based on results so far, it should be pretty close to a pre-release version.


@berry: The frog-croak continues to sound episodically - e.g., once whilst keyboard is locked (Windows+L) and inactive,  and a few minutes ago 4 croaks in quick succession, then a 5th about 30 seconds later.
I wondered if there might be a conflict between CHS capture and NFP capture - because  I am running both processes simultaneously - but everything else seems to work OK.
I might be the only tester doing that - running them both at the same time. Maybe that is why I am the only one reporting the episodic croaking behaviour.

Hi Ian,

Thanks again for the report. Yes, I figured CHS was mouser's Clipboard Help & Spell. Nice little program.

The issue does appear to be due to interaction with CHS. Seems the CHS re-establish clipboard link causes NoteFrog to enter it's "Clipboard has been updated" routine. My current duplicate checking looks for a duplicate that was sent within moments of the previous clip, but will allow you to capture a duplicate if it's been a while since the previous capture - maybe you edited/changed the previous one and/or you want another. The re establish clipboard chain occurs every 15 minutes.  I'm not exactly sure how I want to handle this behavior. I may ask mouser to investigate Thornsoft's CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE format. http://www.clipboard...ore-clipboard-format


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